Poems About Sensual Love

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  • See it

    by Beautiful Tragedy

    I remember it like it was yesterday;
    The way you caught me as I flew into your arms for...

  • Between our Lips (6) 2

    by BOB GALLO

    There is a desert between our lips
    that could not be watered...

  • Pure

    by tayboyyyy

    The beautiful fragrance,
    Upon your skin...

  • Eden

    by BOB GALLO

    When you smile
    the white gate of Eden opens...

  • Save Me This Love 1

    by Sive Klaas

    In my bedroom, desperately hunting for words
    words to verbalize my true feelings...

  • You built a fire (6) 4

    by Beautiful Tragedy

    Winter was never my favorite time of
    the year...

  • New Dawn

    by JaM

    It all became so clear,
    why it holds its power...

  • Words (7) 4

    by Beautiful Tragedy

    It’s amazing how I’ve always been so good at...

  • Blanket (7) 7

    by The Prince

    Love rests here
    on the naked breasts of...

  • Nothing about you ever hurt me (2) 1

    by Beautiful Tragedy

    Thats the first thing i remember needing to feel...

  • Never separated (2) 2

    by Beautiful Tragedy

    I miss you in the purest form.
    I miss seeing your eyes light up when you smile...

  • Round Two 1

    by Tony

    Heavy breathing, fingers dance
    Tracing pictures with my hands...