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  • Blood lust (3)

    by SilentlyDyingInside

    I sat in the dark.
    My blood lust was getting worse...

  • Walk on by (3)

    by charlie

    When you saw me crying what did you think?
    "oh god theres another girl whose teetering...

  • I Want To Stay So Bad! (1)

    by XxBrokenInsidexX

    One second we love each other && its pure...
    The next we hate each other...

  • She wonders (4)

    by MzLonely

    She wonders.
    Will she ever fall in love again...

  • Life Goes On (3)

    by Edward Latina

    Where was your tender touch?
    Leaving me to regret much...

  • Vampire Love (3)

    by Bella

    A shadow around the corner, a bump in the night
    I know the name of this emotion that seeps into my...

  • The Princess Poem (4)

    by misskris

    Cinderella walked on broken glass
    Sleeping Beauty let a whole lifetime pass...

  • Can't Let Go (1)

    by marilyn marti

    I told him to hold on
    To anything that's left...

  • Letting go (1)

    by mel martin

    TO "let go" does not mean to stop...
    it means I can't do it for someone...

  • Fingers held tightly round the trigger
    So easy to let go...

  • The Cell Phone (4)

    by Independence Forever

    An obituary, the girl's boyfriend dies
    staring in disbelief, unshrinking cries...

  • The Way (3)

    by babblingxbrooke

    The way I feel is so hard to explain
    It's the way he looks at me && the way he...