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  • Come... (1) 3

    by Victoria Ramey

    Fall asleep with your eyes wide open,
    Picturing things that are not in motion...

  • To Nature (41) 24 HM

    by Ben Pickard

    My muses are the furrowed fields...

  • Ten fifty seven (2) 2

    by Vanesa

    It’s pretty clear to me that when you said you...

  • Bless The Broken 2

    by Kryptonite Dreamer

    Well here we are on this road,
    The same old broken road...

  • I miss you (13) 8 HM

    by Dagmar Wilson

    I am walking along the beach
    cold foam is hitting my feet...

  • Son of My Father. (7) 4

    by Paul Hirst

    I see my Fathers face these days
    As into the mirror I stand and gaze...

  • Tangerine Dawn (7) 4

    by Lonely Rider

    Across tangerine horizon,
    as dawn stirs remnant mignight hues...

  • A hidden maze lies now before me
    Its entrance begins this great story...

  • The Barefooted Cowgirl (6)

    by TheBarefootedCowgirl

    Barefooted cowgirl
    i'm wild and i'm free...

  • On Wings Of Fire (2)

    by Paralyzed

    I shall not float to heaven,
    Graceful as a swan...

  • Allahuakbar!!! (12) 4

    by Putera

    I'll always believe in Allah, no matter what they...
    Even if they give me gold, I won't be there to...

  • Golden cornfield (3)

    by TotaMariee

    Lying here alone
    in this beautiful golden cornfield...