Sad Poems

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  • Words only (1) 1

    by heny evalidia

    Dear God
    As l love my happiness...

  • Set me free.

    by ImJustSurviving

    Was it all a joke?
    My heart can't cope...

  • The day punched me like a thug.
    In the blinding white canteen...

  • Save Me

    by Matt Carroll

    Alone, so alone, for all my sins, I atone
    I need a hand to lead mine, a light to be shown...

  • 3 Years and Some Change

    by Jazzaroolich

    I remember it
    like it was yesterday...

  • Breath

    by Scarlet

    Close your eyes
    Calm your breath...

  • Fault

    by Scarlet

    Frazzled by the hurt and the pain
    Sometimes I wonder who it is to blame...

  • Cancer

    by Scarlet

    My life is like cancer
    It happened with no explanation...

  • Thoughts

    by Scarlet

    I lay in my bed
    Full of dismay...

  • Hands 1

    by Scarlet

    Its difficult laying in bed.
    Remembering his hands around my body...

  • Half Way (2) 2

    by AngelaLuisaCory

    I was half way it seems
    Between your world and hell...

  • The wavering councillor
    decanted diluted aid...