Other Poems About Friendship

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  • My Forgiveness (2) 1

    by Robert Long

    When I was only 4
    My momma had custody...

  • All Of You (2) 3

    by Domenico Sottile

    Why do you insist on being different
    when you fear all those...

  • You'll never know what you truly did for me
    You help me be complete even when I was lost...

  • Stirring the Stew 3

    by Larry Chamberlin

    Everyone, your front door friends
    and my own back door companions...

  • Grandma

    by Anna Banasiak

    In a rocking chair at the window
    she was left alone tired...

  • Grand Adventure (senryu)

    by Larry Chamberlin

    One man has canoe
    guided by man with Vision...

  • Shadowed Spotlight (3) 3 WIN

    by Anne Moore

    You’ve spent all your life being moved out of...
    Pushed aside to let the real stars take charge...

  • Wales (1)

    by Michael Lewington

    Young girl who speaks so little
    Sits on a chair while flames a flicker...

  • Safety issue?

    by Beautiful Tragedy

    “Once a hitter always a hitter.”
    The words bounce around my brain as I look at the...

  • I have always known that tomorrow is not promised...

  • Silence (2) 2

    by Cache Logan

    Can you hear an ant's foot steps in the rain?
    Or the flapping of a butterfly's wings in a storm...

  • Stereo heart

    by Anne Moore

    You say your fine but I know you better than that
    so you go through the darkest of days...