Poems About Lasting Love

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  • What is Love?

    by Nanda

    What is Love to you? She asked
    You remember, sometime ago, you asked, if it would...

  • My rescue! (1) 1

    by Nanda

    I was in shackle of words used by people
    Unable to escape from own my thoughts...

  • I still love you blind (1) 1

    by Lyn Aribaca

    Sweat rolling down on my nose
    Teeth becoming tight...

  • Beauty Lives On (1) 4

    by Mark

    How can you view within your glass, an end?
    When beauty yours, bestowed another make...

  • she would breath so softly
    and her words would be...

  • You're my roller coaster 1

    by Jason Garcia

    You came into my life
    At a very complicated time...

  • The Legend of a man with a grey beard
    Some people mocked him, his sly smile, to them was...

  • Yours to keep 1

    by Imperfection

    I pray tonight
    That when I sleep...

  • Your Ever Youth 4

    by Mark

    How does your beauty fair in Godly realms?
    My eyes have placed you there for such compare...

  • Love Never Forgets 2

    by Walter

    I love that feeling when we first meet
    Butterflies and nervous feet...

  • Love Shall Rule (1) 2

    by Mark

    Behind the thoughtless rush that rules my dome;
    Rebels a thought to it's impermanence...

  • Ode to Pacience

    by yogi73

    Ode to Pacience
    And of the yift...