Funny Poems For Kids

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  • A Poem: (1) 1

    by Scott Cole

    What is a poem
    Other than words...

  • Sorry mom

    by Rodrigo Arena

    I just cannot believe it
    The way people stare at me...

  • Nascar In Outerspace:

    by Scott Cole

    If there was but a butterfly race
    Not on the ground but in Outerspace...

  • I before E:

    by Scott Cole

    I often wondered
    Why it must be...

  • Saw his teacher walk in.
    Expectantly he stood there...

  • Obese Geese (2)

    by Justin

    There once was a man from Greece,
    Who had a fond love of geese...

  • Splash (acrostic) (5) 2

    by - Mr. Darcy

    Sliding, slithering, shooting down on a
    pumped up...

  • Barnyard chaos (2) 1

    by donna

    Bunnies hopping all around,
    doggies going crazy...

  • There once was a dog on a mat
    Who was joined by a superior cat...

  • Mosquito:

    by Scott Cole

    I am but a Mosquito
    And I'm so very thirsty...

  • Big Mouth Bass:

    by Scott Cole

    I'm a freshwater Bass
    And I have a Big Mouth...

  • Memory Problem:

    by Scott Cole

    All of my memories
    Added to all of yours...