Funny Poems For Kids

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  • For Corey (1)

    by Michelle

    I'm writing this poem for my son
    He really wanted a funny one...

  • Fishy fish (4)

    by Laurel S

    Glub glub glub
    swish swish swish...

  • I am singing
    While I swinging...

  • Valerie the Trout (4)

    by Kevin McNulty

    In the deepest, bluest river lived a family of...
    Where one day the youngest, Valerie, got gave a...

  • Every child has a favorite toy
    One they like the best...

  • Fishy go swimming (3)

    by Laurel S

    Fishy go swimming
    in the deep blue sea...

  • Stinger in my butt.

    by Stacinator

    Have you ever wondered
    Why there was a stinger...

  • The Green Man (2)

    by Spam

    Don't cry.
    It will be alright...

  • Know your bugs

    by Alison Ellis

    Some are peps or thugs...

  • Grime and Grit (1)

    by Alison Ellis

    This isn't a joke,
    That you play on a kid...

  • A Poodle's Life (5)

    by Chuck Aquino

    Once upon a time there was a poodle
    Who dressed funny, and had curls like doodles...

  • Sleep (2)

    by Alison Ellis

    I'm lying in bed,
    Counting sheep...