Poems About Society

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  • Child Beggar Noshi (28) 2

    by Muhammad Junaid

    On the way to my morning class
    Near the oak tree I was passing...

  • Doesn't Matter (28) 3

    by Rachel RTVW

    A child dies of cancer
    One born premature...

  • What was it like?
    Getting on a plane...

  • The souls revenge (27) 5 WIN

    by Dixiedaisy

    Barbed wires and chain link fence
    Pace the walls in self defense...

  • To all the homophobic people,
    tell me what if the whole world was gay and you...

  • The lost boys (26)

    by Vix

    There he sits those sultry dark eyes,
    Distaste upon his face, slouching defiantly...

  • The Whiteman (25) 3

    by Paul Gondwe

    Its funny how it all began
    He came on his strange animal...

  • The Truth? (25)

    by Kaylee

    It struck thunder beneath waves,
    Splashed disgrace upon my brow...

  • He flies
    his tattered kite...

  • Goths and emo's (24)

    by Lance

    Goths and emo's are not the same
    Goths are evil and emo's a name...

  • Doves Die, Hope Fades
    When doves die and hope fades away...

  • Appearances (24)

    by Angie

    Appearances change,
    they twist and morph...