Poems About Cyber Love

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  • I Love You (1) 2

    by Philo

    They become blinded fools by just three words...

  • Fairy Tales (4) 1

    by aminath


  • With my whole (6) 2

    by The Po whet

    My beloved, thee know not;
    how much i love thee so...

  • We Never Met (6)

    by AmberSherrellxxIve Been Sitting Here Trying To Find Myselfxx

    I don't think we should talk anymore
    I'm falling way too fast...

  • Salman (acrostic) (9) 6

    by mossgirl19

    Sorry is only easy when you are the one saying it.
    And sadly, even though you know it’s hard for...

  • Together in words (6)

    by FallenAngel

    Love can be defined as a need for affection
    With someone whom you share a connection...

  • There's something I have to tell you
    Don't tell anyone else ok...

  • peak (5) 3

    by gopi nath

    you lay your head on my chest,
    to feel my heart beat...

  • I'll stay up for you all night
    I'll wait patiently by the phone...

  • Change Your Dream (4) 1

    by Thomas

    Whisper something in my ear or act out something...
    Close your eyes and wish for something; another...

  • True Love (3)

    by Mickie

    Love is like an egg its so easy to break,
    It might look hard on the outside but its soft of...

  • Sunsets Fire (3) 1

    by Deana

    Sunsets Fire
    Fire from the horizon...