Poems About Desired Love

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  • Loves not for me (4) 4

    by Mahalia Butler

    I can't fall in love
    My heart can't take it...

  • My Heart

    by Sive Klaas

    Had it not been mobbed by misery.
    Not as i hurtle i'd loath the hurling...

  • Devour 3

    by Something Strange

    The stars in your eyes are as bright as LED...
    The warmth of my heart is like a heat wave...

  • Bruises (4) 4

    by Matt Carroll

    He tells you that he's sorry
    You just made him so upset...

  • Thirst for Love (4) 3

    by Kasie

    The loneliness has left its wicked charm,
    And filled her heart with thirst for lustful fire...

  • Blinding (1)

    by A.J.P.

    If you believed it to be true.
    Would you give to me...

  • The Hands That Guitar 1

    by Sherry Caayupan

    Tiny droplets rain
    on me in the blooming fields...

  • Diabolical (1) 2

    by Dado

    Every kind of cold subtly hidden within
    Salt upon sweetness chilled on ice...

  • Poseidon's Realm (9) 6

    by Risqué

    I would swim the depths of the ocean
    just to discover your roots...

  • Ive known you since high school.
    You were only 45 minutes away from me and yet it...

  • Heartbeat (3)

    by Justen Smith

    Romeo and Juliett,
    The exception...

  • My Greatest Desire (2) 3

    by Nicholash2003

    I have many desires
    things I want for me...