Poems About Lasting Love

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  • Reason (4) 2

    by Walter

    No it wasn't for you heart
    I heard pounding wanting more...

  • Teeth puncture flesh in mock rage.
    Tonight we will flea life’s cage...

  • I love you to the moon and back
    more than words could explain...

  • Weight

    by Beautiful Tragedy

    When I’m with you nothing else matters;
    But at the same time...

  • Because I am the words here...

  • I am home (2) 2

    by Em

    on my dark days you'd pick me up and carry me
    on my good days you'd stand tall beside me...

  • Eternity (3) 3

    by Em

    like a rock you stand your ground
    showing me you'll stick around...

  • The Flight Attendant’s Husband (3) 2

    by Larry Chamberlin

    Life without you is Christmas
    with no mistletoe’s adrenalin...

  • Forever stay (7) 7

    by Black hole

    Tell me you don't love me and for you,
    I am perfectly imperfect...

  • Soul (2) 1

    by Beautiful Tragedy

    I am so in love with you that at
    this point I don’t even care what...

  • Imperfect (4) 5

    by Guilty By Design

    She’s not perfect. I’m far from it.
    We fight. We argue. We collide...

  • Let Me (6) 6

    by ddavidd

    Let me learn from you how to die