Poems About New Love

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  • Questioning heart (2)

    by dirtyhands

    Who are you to tickle my heart just by your...
    freezes me by the glance of your face...

  • The Ten Symptoms Of love (3)

    by Nikoshiana

    Has a half dazed expression begun?
    Then this is symptom number one...

  • Yours and Mine (short poem) (6) 6

    by Matt Carroll

    Your words, they calm the storm that rages from...
    Your eyes, they grant me passage to a place that's...

  • I'm Scared 2


    I'm scared I'll fall for you
    Like I fell for him...

  • Mosaic (2) 3

    by Jason

    The days seemed to flow
    Endlessly together...

  • Never give up (15) 7

    by Walter

    Sometimes I feel like saying
    I have nothing more to say...

  • Here is my broken heart,
    It's beaten and it's bruised...

  • It's what you do to me (1)

    by Luke Hicks

    During your life, every once in a while
    You meet special people that make your heart smile...

  • You are... (3) 1

    by XxBabii GirlxX

    Your are an angel in my eyes.
    You are the brightest star in my skies...

  • I Want To Be The One (3) 1

    by marilyn marti

    I want to be the one
    that talks to you on the phone for hours...

  • A chance (5) 6

    by Matt Carroll

    I just want the chance to show
    That I could make you whole...

  • Untitled Poem (3) 3

    by rowencloud

    You make me smile
    I've waited awhile...