Poems About Sensual Love

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  • Changes! (1)

    by bex

    I don't know how he does it
    How he changes over night...

  • The touch of your hands (9)

    by Kristal Sowiecki

    The touch of your hands
    The feeling of your lips...

  • Salacity (5)

    by Maple Tree

    Red savory lips
    dance upon a pool...

  • On a Bed of Roses (6)

    by Ingrid de Klerck

    On a bed of roses I give myself to you
    and as the stars and moon shine down on us...

  • Moon light Kisses (6)

    by zaheer

    I feel your cool hands,
    and soft breath on my neck...

  • Hunger (9)

    by Lemma

    For your warmth,
    For your embrace...

  • Sensual Rain (2)

    by STAR

    Calming, peaceful, sensual Rain,
    Let it fall upon me...

  • Aimlessly,
    I sail the milky way...

  • I have so much yet to do;
    this fantasy will come true...

  • A lustful romance

    by adelinaxx

    His hand grazes upon my neck
    The lips of angel entwining with mine...

  • A Taste of You (5)

    by Paiger

    When I think of you my heart jumps
    my stomach drops...

  • Love (15)

    by timmy

    Laying in bed, thoughts form instead
    Fantasies about you in my head...