Poems About Depression

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  • These thoughts they fill my head. 
    Everyday is a nonstop collision thats continuously...

  • One More Light We Need. 1

    by Poet on the Piano

    I listened to the sound of tears again,
    as she entered the room and asked...

  • free

    by xxFound Againxx

    what do you do when you realize
    you cant even ask for help...

  • Stability

    by Jamie

    Resting my head is easier
    with pillows that catch my...

  • Living idle

    by sammiej

    Suicidal is just living Idle
    In my Brain is just a mish mash of pain...

  • Waning. (3) 3

    by Poet on the Piano

    You’re full of
    emptiness; how someone...

  • never to be found (1) 1

    by xxFound Againxx

    i can feel it happening again,
    the world turning sideways...

  • Alone at Bottom 1

    by Trampled Angel

    It’s expected you know,
    at bottom...

  • Currents.

    by Samantha

    Waves crashing, blow after blow
    Washed away, can’t swim...

  • it doesn't matter (1) 1

    by phronesis

    no matter how much i gorge,
    i am empty...

  • The Devils Den

    by Nicholas W Jones

    Watching as seven heavens,
    swirls around me past the devil...

  • Confused

    by Eric

    It has been 2 years since i last felt happiness...