Poems About Depression

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  • Stumbling

    by Baby Rainbow

    There was a girl inside of me
    ignoring signs of our love breaking quietly...

  • Life Below Zero

    by Baby Rainbow

    Experience has shut me down.
    The fire of self-rejection burns...

  • Suicide Bottles

    by Baby Rainbow

    Hiding behind the glass of tainted windows,
    evading capture from a nation blind to suicide...

  • Flooding Oceans

    by Baby Rainbow

    Sitting alone with only midnight as my company,
    I try to be strong like the world predicts I am...

  • My Strongest Weakness 1

    by Baby Rainbow

    The strongest weakness I know,
    is my ability to turn the burning pain inside of...

  • Too Dark Out There (senryu) (10) 10

    by Ben Pickard

    tragically, it's
    always so much brighter when...

  • I want my life back (2) 1

    by XxHealing from the inside outxX

    I want my life back where I was independent never...

  • There comes a time..... (8) 5

    by Dagmar Wilson

    It's been a long night, the moon is moving on
    a puzzle of feelings left untouched...

  • My life in darkness
    it's almost like clockwork...

  • My life

    by Noureddine

    Why should I walk in every sense?
    To find a trace...

  • Tear Me Apart 1

    by DeviousCharmer

    Open me up
    Tear me apart...

  • Depression is silent,
    Yet the loudest feeling ever felt...