Poems About Depression

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  • Sleep

    by Mahesh Kachare

    The evil thoughts in my head
    Doesn't allow me to sleep in bed...

  • Going through hell (5) 2

    by Jamie

    One time i slept for 17 hours,
    it was awful because i felt more...

  • All too soon my innocence would vanish
    into a fire breed to diminish...

  • nothing (1) 1

    by Jack smith

    as i looked upon the night sky
    i could not help to feel like a torn kite...

  • Recovery (15) 8

    by Michael

    At times I would overdose, with the
    bane of my life I would...

  • The Storms Within (8) 4

    by Kasie

    The lightening strikes, brightening the skies
    As the rain pours heavily from my eyes...

  • Unlovable (Song) (7) 5

    by Scrittore

    To ask for some sympathy
    I'm not a tragedy waiting for rescue...

  • Seeking comfort (5) 4

    by Dagmar Wilson

    In the arms of a stranger
    I was seeking comfort not knowing...

  • Cloud nine (1) 1

    by Dagmar Wilson

    When dancing with darkness
    your whisper sounds tempting...

  • Father's House 3

    by Frank

    It was a small house, so small hardly noticeable
    within the clutter of cements...

  • Feelings of the depressed (4) 3

    by Robert Long

    If you aren't going to catch me
    Then why make me fall...

  • The water was clear (3) 3

    by Robert Long

    The water is clear
    But your wrists are stained red...