Poems About Depression

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  • Almost Free


    Almost free...

  • Depression (3) 2

    by Nobody knows

    I don't wanna be another statistic
    Looked at as if something's missing...

  • The Burning of A Journal

    by Prince of Writing


  • Depressed man

    by DamonRay

    Look depression is a hurtful feeling; steadily...
    Got them putting a gun to their head...

  • Blindly Unaware

    by Jazzaroolich

    what is it?
    does it bother you...

  • To who ever cares

    by Alice rose rider

    To who ever cares
    Im so sorry...

  • The Lone Wolf 1

    by Enrico Miguel Ulep Catolico

    The Lone Wolf
    The lone wolf desires to howl...

  • Best Boot Foward (2) 1

    by Tony

    We've all done it, put our best foot foward-
    Faked a smile, lied, so we could move toward...

  • You... (3) 1

    by Nancy Martinez

    You yell at me
    You beat me...

  • It's Just A ..... 1

    by Nancy Martinez

    I'm tired of the depression that lives inside
    I'm tired of all these lies...

  • I'm sorry (1)

    by Nancy Martinez

    I'm sorry I'm such a disappointment
    I didn't mean to do what I did...

  • What's Worse Than a Monster? 1

    by Courtney Hough

    Monsters or Demons,
    We call our worst selves...