Friendship Poems

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  • Looking into your eyes (5) 2

    by deeplydesturbed

    I look into your eyes
    wondering why I see...

  • Coz (2) 2

    by C Cattaway

    'Coz' is the word that means something.
    'Outstanding' was special, too...

  • my mother (4) 2

    by Moogi

    i feel bad for my mother
    i pity her miserable life and how trapped she...

  • Celebration (15) 15 HM

    by Milly Hayward

    The party's kicked off, with quite a bang
    All my old friends, have come out to hang...

  • A bundle of innocence came into my life
    Nestled tenderly by my side...

  • The Best Years Of Our Lives (3) 1

    by Sweet Disposition

    This poem explains how I'm feeling about finishing...

  • Harlea (3)

    by Love vs Fate

    You are this amazing person...

  • What happened to us? (6)

    by you will never forget me

    I miss the way we used to be.
    I love the things we used to see...

  • Forever, You're My Tiny Dancer (5) 3

    by IdTakeABulletForYou

    My dear mommy...

  • My children (senyru) (10) 6

    by Michael

    Two flavours of life
    such beautiful opposites...

  • An Ode To My Friend (3) 2

    by RustySoul

    So soft her skin like the petals of a flower,
    All virtues in her lie...

  • Appreciation (3) 3

    by Victor

    There is a specific person
    That I love more than anything else...