Poems About Cyber Love

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  • This cyber love (16)

    by Eraklis

    Is this real or in my dreams
    My worlds unraveling at the seams...

  • Long Distance Love (10)

    by LoveTear

    "Loving from a distance is never easy,
    When you are living so very far apart...

  • I'm sorry :( (17)

    by Rihanna

    I'm sorry for the times you cried,
    and the loneliness you felt inside...

  • Did you ever fall in love with someone,
    But know they didn't care...

  • I Cannot Explain The Way You Make Me Feel,
    When Ever Your Around I Feel So Alive And So Real...

  • Your words weave a spell upon my soul.
    Enchanting my heart, making me whole...

  • Higher Love (16) 3

    by - Mr. Darcy

    You speak to me a language
    My ears don't understand...

  • No Way Out (28)

    by Sweet Disposition

    I can't describe this feeling,
    It's a never-ending ache...

  • Distant Passion (5)

    by Chit Cyn

    Never thought of searching for love over the net
    honestly right now I am glad that we have met...

  • Wish Come True (11) 2 WIN

    by Beautiful Chaos

    Touch me
    Underneath my skin...

  • I want to watch the moonlight,
    Held close in your embrace...

  • There`s A Tear In My Eye.. (7)

    by Dreamofolwin

    There`s a tear in my eye..
    And a sigh in my heart...