Poems About Lost Love

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  • The Heart Library (8) 4

    by Kitty Cat Lady

    The cover looked appealing
    Albeit the spine slightly cracked...

  • Not 0K (2)

    by Alex Penuelas

    There's nothing colder
    Than absolute zero...

  • When You See Me With Him (4) 2

    by Hales Danii

    Eventually you will run into me while you are out...
    But, next to me will be a man who would never...

  • Decisions (6) 3

    by Phoenix ¥

    One of us needs to be strong...
    And move on...

  • Journal

    by pmmurphy

    if i was just another promise
    just another wish...

  • Heartache (6) 3

    by Walter

    Why do you wait for tomorrow?
    When you won't even live for today...

  • I Miss You..

    by .k.u.s.h.q.u.e.e.n.c.j.

    I miss you,
    So much...

  • A Soldier's Prayer (6) 3

    by Hales Danii

    He holds his gun too his chest, his bible, in his...
    he prays silently, that this would not be his last...

  • Merry Go Round (2) 3

    by Phoenix ¥

    Our love is a Merry Go Round,
    Up and down...

  • Hidden Words (2) 3

    by C Cattaway

    When can I tell you I love you?
    When can I say those words...

  • The touch of you (3) 3

    by Em (marmite)

    the trace of your fingertips on my spine
    seems to last a lifetime...

  • Drink To Forget (5) 4

    by C Cattaway

    Whiskey sat beside my chair.
    Cigarette in hand...