Poems About Lost Love

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  • What happened to the boy
    who used to smile...

  • Why? (2)

    by brokenangel4769

    I wonder why it is so hard for him to believe me...
    I wish that he would of just told me that he is...

  • Finding Forever (2) 1

    by DJ

    Every thing's so beautiful she said
    anything is possible when you hold my hand...

  • I called you up the other day,
    I wasn't prepared for what you'd say...

  • Don't Wanna Fall In Love (2)

    by marilyn marti

    I don't wanna fall in love
    I don't want my heart to break...

  • Laying in darkness I feel my heart begin to sink
    I can never sleep instead I lay and i think...

  • Good things dont always last. (3)

    by bRiNgMeToLiFe

    I know it won't be easy,
    I know sometimes I'll fall...

  • Waiting for you (5)

    by Maha

    Another day ,another year
    another cry,another tear...

  • Whiteout (22) 11

    by Kitty Cat Lady

    Icy extremities chill chambers
    That once they set alight...

  • On Going to the Wars (14) 6

    by Therapoetic4

    I've read of Lucasta and Althea
    And I can only conclude...

  • My Lily... (5) 2

    by Hannah Emellia

    Beautiful blonde hair she had,
    When she smiled, she still looked sad...

  • Trifid Nebula (13) 16 WIN

    by The Princess

    (I dream, sir, of the routes of my childhood
    of braiding my hair...