Love Poems

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  • Love is a Game 1

    by Erin Jackman

    Love is just a game.
    Never win - Never lost...

  • Stuck (6) 4

    by Amrita Singh

    As I step to move on,
    I was resisted by our faded love...

  • To Someone Specail,
    Of everything I have seen in this world...

  • Desire 1

    by Julie Raab

    I feel broken and weak from those in my past,
    getting caught in love that will never last...

  • But I will (2)

    by Beautiful Tragedy

    I’m in love with you;
    And I know you know this but I’ve never actually...

  • Blank verse (3) 6 HM

    by Stephanie

    I feel
    like a beautiful poem...

  • Daydream (5) 3

    by Eminent Bard

    The sun rises up; hey it's morning
    You wake me up with your gentle kiss...

  • The Warrior 1

    by Ixora

    I imagine love being a blazing inferno
    The brave are sure of the other side and jump...

  • The game is on my wingman's found
    We'll drink the bar, then burn it down...

  • Pretty face and tight behind
    Stepped into view and blew my mind...

  • Sleepless nights,
    Because of you...

  • Thunderstruck (7) 3

    by Tony

    Flash of lightning- your silhouette
    Can't tell if it's rain, or you're dripping sweat...