Love Poems

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  • Heart in a flurry (2) 2

    by Rey Severs

    Hold me close,
    In the sound of rain...

  • I wrote her goodbye (19) 12 HM

    by Ben Pickard

    You were created with the
    metaphors of my metered verse...

  • I'm Blue (5) 4

    by C Cattaway

    Your blue eyes, in the morning,
    When they twinkle with you smile...

  • First Date (6) 6

    by Kate

    Do you remember our first date?
    That downtown Chinese place...

  • I never meant to hurt you too (8) 4

    by waiting 4 some1

    Listen my dear, I loved you and still do
    And I will never be able to hate you...

  • Snow Is Indifferent (6) 5

    by Lost star


  • Her (1) 1

    by Violet Raven

    Chocolate eyes swim within
    the whites of her smile. Dark...

  • If we should come to aching hearts and rifts,
    Or solitude is more our natural state...

  • In My Arms (4) 3

    by Matt Carroll

    This path you walk, the life you know
    A time for change, just let it go...

  • Does She Even Know? (8) 4

    by Therapoetic4

    In these long absences
    How can she know...

  • Marry me (8) 5

    by Grant Gilbert AKA Slash

    Marry me
    Slowly oh so slowly it trickled down my spine...

  • Its been 898 days
    since we decided to go our seperate ways...