love quotes

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  • It’s love if it grows with time
    Tender, passionate, sublime

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  • Dammit. When did loving you become so hard?

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  • Don't rock my boat because we are in it together.

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  • If we are not trusting, how will we find anyone trustworthy?

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  • I pursue and indict for love and harmony of mind..
    Our love shall live till eternal and being again

    by Khadz
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  • It so many people that wants the role but I don't need to hold a casting call because I already have the leading actor.

    by Tommy
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  • It’s not about you, it’s just about my love for you.

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  • You push me, when I'm a door that you should've pulled.

    by Fenrir
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  • Flirting is the perfect appetiser for the meal of love.

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  • Every dream is a moment that you deeply wanted to happen.

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