Poems About Secret Love

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  • Unspoken Desire (1)

    by +_krissy_+

    The way you make me feel
    When you hold me close to you...

  • You+Me=Never Be (1)

    by only_me

    Every night I look at stars
    and wish you are looking too...

  • I Want You To Love Me (3) 2

    by xx Danii xx

    You know how much i want you
    but is that really enough...

  • Those Three Little Words (4)

    by that ASIAN girl

    It's hurting me inside,
    And I can not bare...

  • I hurt for you... (1)

    by ScarletDeLoup

    I hurt inside because of you
    I loved you the day I saw you smile...

  • Questions (1)

    by Ivy Stockill

    You ask me the question,
    Nearly everyday...

  • It started with a smile (1)

    by sarah debrincat

    It started with a smile and a quick hello,
    Neither one of us knew how...

  • Painfully Pleasant (7) 6

    by Blue Smurf

    I find myself yearning,
    Wishing that you were here...

  • Suspenseful Honesty (3) 3

    by InvisiblyHeartless

    Suspense hangs from his weakened lips
    Words tumble out, his wary mind trips...

  • Another Monday (1) 2

    by Fredy

    It's a quarter to midnight
    And words just don't quite...

  • Simple as can be (3)

    by Destiny

    A simple little hello, A quick glance my way,
    Brightens my day. You are my dream...

  • I'm the girl (1)

    by ~*~ BeAuTiFuLlY BrOkEn ~*~

    Im that girl that throws stuff at you at the back...
    Im that girl that calls you names as a joke...