Poems About Death

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  • Meatless Freak the slaughter (11) 5

    by Courtney Hough

    I can’t live in this world,
    Nothing but violence and fear...

  • My love #2 (4) 3

    by Nil

    The ties binding our souls
    Stretch between life and death...

  • A memory sweet as death 1

    by Jump from Life

    It started years ago.
    The pain, the voices, the taunts and teases...

  • Oh! Dad, please come from Heaven
    I wait for you, in night, till eleven...

  • I won't last (2) 2

    by Nicollo Machiavelli

    Pretending everything's fine.
    Im naive and blind...

  • Systematical Disaster 1

    by Renegade Angel

    There may be a coil in my back.
    Like something breathing heat in my cold body...

  • I Miss you Baby Girl (3) 2

    by fenix flight

    Its times like this
    when its quiet and still...

  • Little Carole Jean
    You were born to early...

  • Tick-Tick (4) 3

    by Phantom

    A song that passes through me,
    A feel of the summer sun on my skin...

  • Life can be crule

    by Alice rider

    She dances with her sins tonight
    In the moon light they disappeared tonight...

  • Devil's Due (1) 1

    by Bob

    Solid fatal bullet violently forcibly entering my...
    Black life sustaining rivers of blood spewing out...

  • I lie in here waiting still.
    The clock ticks...