Poems About Death

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  • Too Young To Be A Dove (3) 1

    by flawed diamond

    Like a flash flood
    Blink of the eye, flash fire...

  • Zombie

  • There is a cure, it has to be (6) 5

    by Dagmar Wilson

    I look at that needle hanging on to your skin
    little droplets running through your veins...

  • Married To The High (6) 3

    by Ithaca Rose

    On a sunny day, with skies of Blue.
    She straightens her hair and fastens her shoes...

  • No One Can See 1

    by Hope

    No one can see-see the blind side,
    tell me the difference between the liquor of...

  • Ascending at last (7) 7 HM

    by deeplydesturbed

    On a lonely path one must take
    Waiting for ones soul to break...

  • Raen

    by Hope

    I'll fight the storm of the eye-take the war...

  • Send Me Lone (1) 2

    by Hope

    eyes that have it all...

  • Lone (1) 1

    by Hope


  • Hello

    by Hope

    Where did the time go? Hello,
    as Hello is the beginning of the end...

  • The Unforgiven (2) 3

    by Victor

    I wonder what I did in my previous life
    Maybe I was really successful...

  • Soul

    by Hope

    I've got nothing to say,
    all the words that you play...