Poems About Grieving And Loss

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  • You were only a little girl
    thirteen years or so...

  • Just The Rain (42)

    by TinyDancer46

    It's just the rain, he said
    As she looked up at the sky...

  • Letter To A Drug Addict (41)

    by TinyDancer46

    I'm not writing to yell at you
    There's just something I must know...

  • Miss You (40)

    by katy

    You were apart of my life once,
    I could hold you in my arms...

  • My Enemy. {Homosexual Poem} (39)

    by xTheEcstasyOfSuicidex

    I feel strongly about this...Please, don't...

  • The Tears Of A Mother (39)

    by TinyDancer46

    The Tears Of A Mother
    The pain in her heart remains in her eye...

  • R.i.p (39)

    by Iyla

    Nothing has ever been the same
    since that day you died...

  • Why Do it? (38)

    by Dark Savior

    Why did you even bother to do it
    why did you have to put me through it...

  • Night Shift (37) 17 WIN

    by Ren

    You didn't know me,
    As your teary eyes search mine...

  • I feel your pain (37)

    by Lance

    As I stare into thine eyes
    I see your pain, I hear your cries...

  • Here I lay in me bed
    With all these thoughts of you in my head...

  • Little Heart Of Mine (36) 2

    by Mezmeryz

    I'm in so much pain
    Because people won't stay...