Popular Love Poems

  • I can remember times, that we shared
    Let me just take a second, to realize, you don't...

  • Until We Meet Again (1)

    by ღ kristabelle ღ

    I knew someday it would have to end..
    i knew eventually i would have to go back to...

  • Last Goodnight (4) 4

    by Enrico Miguel Ulep Catolico

    As we sing
    In the light...

Latest Love Poems

love quotes

  • Maybe finding someone to share everything with is not the point.
    Maybe the point is to feel fulfilled in the self-consciousness of individuality.

  • I needed you like the desert needs rain, to fill the cracks on the surface and nourish the deep soil.
    Turns out you were the sun.

    by Kate
  • I am not a stranger
    No I am yours
    With crippled anger
    And tears that still drip sore