Love Poems

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  • To Fall or not to Fall? (2) 1

    by Lemon Squeezy

    Have you ever wondered just exactly how,
    You were once in love and are not now...

  • The French Beauty

    by BOB GALLO

    Would you love me forever my French beauty?
    Would you whisper the zephyrs of your breath in my...

  • Pixelate (2) 1

    by Saerelune

    50 likes, 12 matches and 4 WhatsApp conversations...
    I still smile, listening to Camila's 'Dream of...

  • Forever My Love

    by DavidPCarroll

    When I Whisper you’re my wife
    Believe me in life...

  • Stupid In Love (2) 1

    by LezLove

    To you it was just a game
    Played with my emotions like Nintendo...

  • Of Women Such

    by Tony Grannell

    The melancholy melodies
    come drifting on the evening breeze...

  • Is You (1) 3

    by Mark

    Though man with plenty whom proclaim your love...

  • I want to leave
    But something is keeping me here...

  • To My Love (2) 1

    by LezLove

    Beautiful creation
    Of five foot three...

  • My Sweet Love 1

    by Glenn G

    My sweet love
    I have missed you for so long...

  • For a Drop of Your Rain 1

    by BOB GALLO

    how inflated I am...

  • Night So Bright

    by Aearion

    Sitting here at the beach observing
    Watching the ocean waves come roaring...