Love Poems

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  • Infiltrated (1) 2

    by Sammib

    I marched this road before
    Treacherous Terraine...

  • 05:17 (High Tide) (2) 3

    by Daniel

    when the rain
    drums against the skylights...

  • The Old Flame Burn's 1

    by Aearion

    This is the first poem I wrote in my lost love...
    There was a time I knew love...

  • S E L F L O V E

    by elyart

    I stand rapt in awe at my own creations..
    Of little importance...

  • What if

    by Imperfection

    Do you ever get that feeling
    That feeling that’s hard to describe...

  • Misery

    by Victoria Ramey

    Stop and stutter when you look at me,
    Cant get over how you feel to me...

  • Goodbye Kiss (1) 4

    by Jamie

    Summer swelter wouldn't deter
    lustful palpitations hearts sang...

  • Apart

    by BOB GALLO

    You, my creation, my art,
    you every throb...

  • Never Loved (2) 2 HM

    by Mark

    If I have ever lived to feel pure love;
    No footprint of that love did leave in me...

  • Aftertaste (2) 1 HM

    by BOB GALLO

    Darkness never takes completely over
    even after the light is...

  • Fading Ecstacy

    by elyart

    I know...

  • All of me

    by Imperfection

    I dream, I dream of the day I can show
    I dream of the day you will know...