Love Poems

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  • I need someone to talk to
    For I've been alone awhile...

  • Life Cycle (keira) 1

    by Ben Pickard

    it is no coincidence
    that with the passing...

  • Forever In Perfect Harmony

    by DavidPCarroll

    As I lay a kiss upon your gentle lips
    As I hold you in my arms tonight...

  • Naked Goddess!!!

    by Robert Gardiner

    Haunting My Dreams, Naked, a Vision, of Such...

  • Why do I keep trying
    To let people in...

  • Anger

    by Mimi

    You always underestimate me
    I guess you just don't know...

  • Prisoned

    by MysteryMan

    I lie on this floor held detained and prisoned
    I lay and only think of you...

  • On That Summer's Day

    by DavidPCarroll

    On a summer's day
    It was so warm today...

  • Requiem of Autumn 1

    by Jane Do-Re-Mi

    Summer was filled
    with such contentment...

  • Mercy

    by Guilty By Design

    Hello heartache, my dear old friend
    It has been a while, never wanted to see you again...

  • Unspoken words (Senryu) 1

    by Violet Raven

    love swims inside my bloodstream...

  • My Life I Love Her

    by DavidPCarroll

    When I first saw you
    It was love at first sight...