Love Poems

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  • Once Only - Sonnet 1

    by Walter

    Two hearts that were broken so long ago
    At a young age when they first fell in love...

  • Mementos (1) 2

    by Ben Pickard

    This broken hair clip's all I have
    Of all we had in years gone by...

  • Happily In Love

    by DavidPCarroll

    Your the only one I love
    I can't stop falling in love with you...

  • In the darkest of mist
    There stands an Angel...

  • The Dream of You (2) 1

    by BOB GALLO

    I dream of you
    in jazz...

  • I Love You Sweetheart Always (1) 1

    by DavidPCarroll

    She's my beautiful wife
    She's beating inside my heart...

  • Thistle

    by ddavidd

    How life and death
    clinging to each other...

  • True Love Come True (1) 1

    by DavidPCarroll

    True Love Come True
    She's so beautiful and bright...

  • Our Heart's In Love (1) 1

    by DavidPCarroll

    I'll hold you
    In my arms...

  • Hidden regrets (1) 1

    by TiFfAnY

    I see so many knights speeding by.
    Wearing denim and black leather armor...

  • My Calm After The Storm: (1) 1

    by Scott Cole

    It's that chance in a million
    Best ever sunrise...

  • Oasis (Senryu)

    by BOB GALLO

    I emerge from you...
    just longing to be submerged.................I...