Love Poems

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  • Their Beauty

    by Mark

    When I compare my frame to other men:
    I weep, and mirror's glass weeps for me too...

  • Tortured Love 1

    by Lainie Reay

    In the whispers of the wind,
    I'm sure I hear your name...

  • What is Love?

    by Nanda

    What is Love to you? She asked
    You remember, sometime ago, you asked, if it would...

  • My rescue! (1) 1

    by Nanda

    I was in shackle of words used by people
    Unable to escape from own my thoughts...

  • Your pretty face and gentle smile
    Is always on my mind...

  • Dear Perfect, 2

    by Evi

    If you think I'm lonely,
    Then you are correct...

  • Rapture (6) 4

    by Michael

    Listening to the delicate murmur of your heart
    that echoes without words...

  • If fifty suitors claim their love for you
    And mine include, how could you end with me...

  • I still love you blind (1) 1

    by Lyn Aribaca

    Sweat rolling down on my nose
    Teeth becoming tight...

  • Tamm

    by Glenn Gay

    One day I let go of the love of my life
    I thought it was the best for both her and I...

  • Caffeine union 1

    by Nathan

    She came over for coffee
    At the old wooden inn...

  • It never happens (1)

    by Nathan

    The drizzle that went down
    And wetted your black oiled hair...