Poems About First Love

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  • Love Rains Down (37)

    by Darien

    Love Rains Down
    I frame her picture...

  • First Love (35) 1

    by Goran Rahim

    You cannot forget your first nest,
    No matter how high you fly...

  • Fairytale love (31)

    by Karl Wild GG23

    I gave up my entire world for you,
    While you promised to do the same...

  • Fallen From Heaven (31)

    by Natalie

    You had fallen from heaven straight into my arms,
    Igniting my heart with your sweet seductive...

  • Forever (29) 1

    by Sara

    **dedicated to my ex Drew, who is visiting 4.16...
    Lately I've been thinking...

  • Unnamed (29)

    by TrUtH hUrTs

    We ran to catch the morning dew
    it was childhood, we lost our way...

  • The Perfect Crime (28)

    by Darien

    The Perfect Crime
    Moonlight grazed the lake last night...

  • Raspberry Summers (28)

    by Sean Allen

    If only I could return
    and steal a gentle kiss...

  • Writing something about me makes me mad
    I am going to tell you something that happened in...

  • Unknown (27)

    by justin kimbro

    I got a watch with 30k cost so much i bearly wear...

  • My confidence has risen,
    I have begun to shine...

  • First Kiss (27)

    by David Paul

    I looked in your eyes and asked if I could,
    You just stood silent so I knew that I should...