Poems About Secret Love

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  • Luna (song) (16) 8

    by Maher

    Darling Luna, shine as the night drips by -
    I'll miss your face at the call of the sun...

  • X V (5) 7

    by tobias kinti

    i asked whether
    i could trace...

  • weathered love (7) 7

    by Em

    I hope you felt the warmth oozing
    from the blowing breeze as it was...

  • I wouldn't dare to catch a glimpse of you
    Surely it would be the last breath I ever drew...

  • certitude (4) 5 HM

    by Em

    Repentance didnt help
    nor did self destruct...

  • I never pondered the concept of
    Wanting anybody else until you waltzed into my...

  • To me you're flawless
    though not without weaknesses...

  • Maybe, someday (6) 5

    by Em

    If I could be, well anywhere
    then, in your arms I'd be...

  • Oceans may separate us,
    miles definitely in our way...

  • A million (11) 5

    by Em

    I could write a million letters,
    they'd all begin and end with you...

  • Lips (Acrostic) (9) 5

    by - Mr. Darcy

    ~ ~ _ ~ ~
    Light delicate...

  • Souls connected (7) 5

    by Em

    I like to sit and think of you in a quiet room
    because then I can hear the whispers of your...