Poems About Lost Relationships

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  • Gidson (Acrostic) (53) 1

    by Debbie

    Glaring upon the gallows of lurid flames,
    I squinted listlessly towards your narrow frame...

  • Broken (51)

    by Bridgette

    I stare at my reflection
    In the broken mirror...

  • Sometimes when my tears fill my eyes
    And I completely fall in sorrows...

  • My Story (50)

    by Jomar Bautista

    This is my story...
    He was living a simple life...

  • I'm Sorry Mom (49)

    by Wallace

    I'm sorry mom
    I know you must be ashamed of me...

  • Lost you. (47)

    by Miu

    Warm sea water touches tips of my toes,
    I sit down there, all alone...

  • I love you and I can't forget you
    You are my life and everything...

  • Each night.. (46)

    by amelia

    Each night you make me cry
    each night i want to die...


  • Paris (45) 9 WIN

    by Melpomene

    I've heard whispers of Paris lately,
    the city of love and some place foreign to me...

  • Hatred (45)

    by ImNotPerfect20

    It just does not work,
    It does not exist...

  • I'll Believe Your Lies Forever (45)

    by -Ѕнэ đιεđ ѕсѓεάміηĝ-

    Funny when things never change
    Even when you say they will...