Poems About Desired Love

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  • on smashing glass (3) 4 HM

    by c. a. williams

    let us sit behind wanting eyes and
    watch tears tear flesh...

  • Empty Air

    by Blake

    How do you love the empty air
    For it seems as though it does not care...

  • My confession. 1

    by Fenrir

    I'm jealous,
    Of the way you smile...

  • Que Sera, Sera (2) 2

    by End Of Eternity

    Sometimes, real love expects
    From us to act as a stranger...

  • In homage - splicer of Aladdin's reel;
    a bow, beneath the centered piece so drawn...

  • Wanting You (1) 1

    by Horanne

    I’ve wanted you ever since my eyes landed on you
    I was attracted to something in your eyes...

  • Sound More Straight (3) 4

    by IdTakeABulletForYou

    I'm glad that it's a secret --that your words fill...
    and that you haven't seemed to notice the fake...

  • Unexplored. (2) 1

    by Courageous Dreamer

    I wanderlust round this world for you...
    vulnerable, as years have passed softly...

  • Journey to happiness (3) 3

    by Ya----Na

    Now our fate is demanding
    more than being friends...

  • Daydreaming of You (8) 5

    by Walter

    She sits down in the corner
    As silent as a breeze...

  • The book of life (5) 7

    by Ya----Na

    Am I listening to your heartbeat
    or is it a call from above...

  • July and August (3) 3

    by Ya----Na

    It happened after
    the birth of July...