Poems About Desired Love

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  • Offering this blanket,
    I could tell your eyes were sore...

  • What’s wrong with me 1

    by Princess of Hurt

    What’s wrong with me
    Why do I keep missing you...

  • Come... 2

    by Victoria Ramey

    Fall asleep with your eyes wide open,
    Picturing things that are not in motion...

  • Never the Exception

    by ImTheGirl

    In love, I never came first
    Always the rule and never the exception...

  • Just one night 2

    by Spanish Star

    Tonight is not easy
    I really need you here with me...

  • Just say the word 1

    by Spanish Star

    My life is joyfull
    & so you say is yours...

  • With You

    by Anne Moore

    I just wanna be with you
    I just wanna feel your touch...

  • Save me from myself 2

    by Spanish Star

    You may not know this
    I’m not an easy girl...

  • Before She Enters (tanka)

    by Larry Chamberlin

    before the bird beats its wings...

  • A Broken Start

    by Muhammad Amiruddeen

    For long I have been trying to say it loud
    But couldn’t find a clear voice to say it out...

  • Sakura Festivals (6) 8 WIN

    by Adreamer

    I've been reading the words you left behind

  • The blitzing bolts of thunder
    Tore the sky apart...