Poems About Desired Love

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  • The One I truly love


    It is a great excitement
    It feels so good...

  • You know I think a lot about us
    And everything that we've been through...

  • Non existing love

    by Emma from the Netherlands

    You weren't ready for me
    When I was ready for you...

  • my heart 1

    by pmmurphy

    she fell
    for the opiates...

  • Beautiful (11) 7 HM

    by Tony

    She's beautiful.
    Not for her looks, don't get me wrong...

  • What comes after this horrid chapter
    Of a life of "would you rather...

  • Marriage (1) 1

    by CJ Johnson

    The word progressive stands for so many things...

  • I don't know exactly

    by Karen Montegrande

    I was afraid to love again when I experience hurt...
    I was afraid to trust because I thought people...

  • Within The Rain (2) 3

    by C Cattaway

    There's nothing that I wouldn't do,
    To wait deep in your soul...

  • Muse (6) 3

    by Tony

    If I could just pull back the curtain
    Oh what would that entail...

  • One-sided love (8) 10 HM

    by Sinners gospel

    Here, I am,
    alone in this thing called life...

  • The nearness of you

    by Errol Mondell

    I woke up this morning
    with feelings of despair...