Poems About First Love

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  • Us

    by Suyechha

    As days are passing
    you have unlocked my heart...

  • i meant nothing to you (1) 1


    you were my first my last my everything i loved...
    i built my world around you in my heart you were...

  • Little Red Head

    by Diablo

    Little red head I seen you before,
    Little red head it's your hair that I adorn...

  • On a cool Autumn night,
    Your eyes met with mine...

  • Cigarettes and coffee.

    by Jusue Aparicio

    Smoke up, Princess.
    Chronic 2000, says, I'll be high forever. With...

  • Sometimes,

    by Jusue Aparicio

    I wish that we could spend some time. i get a...

  • Chris Brown's Other Song

    by Jusue Aparicio

    Can you take your clothes off
    and be my biggest dream...

  • Please don't leave me (2) 1

    by Okeke Emmanuel

    I remember how we first met
    I remember how we won our love...

  • So windy are the days when autumn comes
    that even some leaves that once fell with...

  • Me and the tree (4) 3


    Me and the tree
    Behind that majestic old oak tree, we first met...

  • 4 Words :love (1)

    by Ekta Jain

    Love yourself,
    No matter if no one does...

  • I'm Ready (1) 2

    by D. Lloyd

    I'm ready for the day that i can just wake up and...