Poems About Lasting Love

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  • Minds Gesture (3) 2

    by Stephen Levant

    Ah, sweet fragrance of nectar riding upon tides of...

  • Justin, (2) 2

    by Colourful Courtney

    There is never a time when you don't stand tall...
    You stay strong for us...

  • Lover's test (7) 2

    by Grant Gilbert AKA Slash

    Lover's test
    Come lay your head upon my breast...

  • All that i need (3) 3

    by Desray

    You mean the world to me
    it isn't really hard to see...

  • This is love (7) 5

    by Em (marmite)

    When I get distressed
    people tend to turn away...

  • No more doom (Troi-par-huit) (2) 3

    by Em (marmite)

    looking at
    the way you walk like that...

  • In My Arms (4) 3

    by Matt Carroll

    This path you walk, the life you know
    A time for change, just let it go...

  • Its been 898 days
    since we decided to go our seperate ways...

  • When I knew (7) 5 HM

    by Ronald Edwards

    With sparkling eyes she gazed at me,
    long curled lashes waved hello...

  • The Season (3) 3

    by The Alaskan Husky

    I've given it up for His sake for my faith
    Knowing by His grace I will be blessed throughout...

  • Bliss (1) 2

    by Sean

    Melancholic bliss my darling, we sing it well -
    our heart beats like wrecking balls in every...

  • Nightingale (3) 3

    by Aureus Argentum

    My nightingale sings of passing flesh,
    which daily sought to find itself in lover's eyes...