Love Poems

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  • Dear Heart (1) 1

    by Vynn

    Dear heart please stop
    You know nothing will happen...

  • Thinking of You... (4) 5

    by Meena Krish

    When the sun awakes a new day
    kissing each flower to bloom...

  • One Word

    by Vynn

    I'm in pain yes I am,
    As you hit me with words so cruel...

  • Paper cuts (8) 5

    by Michael

    When we separated
    I inherited the equity of sorrow...

  • Above the mountain ridge gulls always soar,
    like waves crashing against the coastal shore...

  • If you don't love me, then, do I love me?
    For I within that love do view me whole...

  • Sunset, the perfect moment.
    We had finally settled down on our beach towels...

  • None of Them are You (2) 2 WIN

    by Someone Invisible

    I drive to many places.
    I meet many people...

  • Evasion

    by Vynn

    You are a floating desire in my wicked mind
    Like a boat in the shore wanting to sail...

  • Missing Her (1) 1

    by Vynn

    What a gloomy weather it is today
    Reminds of someone i left one day...

  • I wish I am there to see your smile
    How you smile so big and sweet...

  • Waiting

    by Vynn

    Until when will I wait for you
    In my life, nobody can replace you...