Love Poems

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  • Evening thoughts (8) 5

    by William Mae

    I could think a million things,
    From sunset to mornings dew...

  • Whoso Has Loved

    by yogi73

    Whoso has loved each other as we.
    Upon the paths, we have cherished and disparaged...

  • onto you (1) 2

    by Teresa Campa

    I wanna shout it to the stars
    Let it echo through the valleys...

  • in sync (1) 1

    by Teresa Campa

    I want to show you my my love with kisses on your...
    fingers lingering down your back...

  • Migration of our promises (3) 4

    by (we & why)

    I curse that moment
    (harsh and divine...

  • Heart of the World

    by Baby Rainbow

    Not a day goes by that I take you for granted,
    for I know how lucky I am to have the love I've...

  • I Got You Right

    by Baby Rainbow

    All I have to do is look at your face
    as you go splashing through the puddles...

  • My Tomorrow

    by Baby Rainbow

    When I first met you...

  • More Than Perfect

    by Baby Rainbow

    When I look into your eyes,
    I often wonder where I would be...

  • I do not swim for shore with any zest,
    The way I used to do when I was young...

  • How Can I? (5) 3

    by Tony

    Heart and mind just can't connect
    These feelings my soul won't neglect...

  • Pause (Rondeau) (12) 6

    by Kitty Cat Lady

    You make me forget and I feel so free
    as you whisper your words so softly to me...