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  • Little red corvette
    cruises past a purple wood...

  • Gilded Dreams (1) 4 HM

    by trippetta TC

    Her hair like gilded feathers,
    Beauty unrivaled eyes like the Cerulean Sea...

  • Relentless Soul (6) 3

    by Anthony M

    And tomorrow, should the Sun refuse to rise
    in the darkness my heart will find the path...

  • Edgar (3) 3

    by Deana

    In answer to Edgar Allen Poes Anabel Lee
    My love sweet Edgar, seeks only thee...

  • Sand in Your Eyes. (3) 1

    by She Is My Rain

    I catch you staring at me
    and I wonder if you realize...

  • Time erodes on our maple bookshelves,
    Neglected of intimacy with you gone...

  • Why not answer my cries? (3)

    by SheFlowsThroughMyVeinsLikePosion

    Hold me tenderly
    slowly push me away...

  • Wild Times Endure (3) 2

    by Bill Turner

    Waiting for a time that is grand
    Bottle of lightning in my hand...

  • Crimson violin (3) 2

    by viraz vitalia

    Fingers moving quick across the strings
    The bow sliding gracefully across...

  • I Remember (3)

    by RiCarDo

    When I looked into your eyes
    I knew it was true...

  • ~

  • Scraps Of Mirth (11) 4

    by Ben Pickard

    There are such times the sun won't shine,
    Or dreams just float away...