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  • Not In Service (1) 2

    by Ben

    As the rain spells out
    your name in stutters...

  • Spring memories (6) 5 WIN

    by Anthony M

    Spring finally makes her debut
    slaying winter in an epic battle...

  • The Cell Phone (4) 1

    by Independence Forever

    An obituary, the girl's boyfriend dies
    staring in disbelief, unshrinking cries...

  • The Stranger (6) 4

    by Em

    There he stood
    frozen to the spot...

  • Opposable Thumbs (4) 3

    by Aegis

    All of this gravel I'm eating keeps
    chipping my teeth...

  • The Tender Touch (2) 2

    by Wayne Gates

    The tender touch can be powerful indeed.
    A hand layed gently on your shoulder can cut...

  • By the Sea
    Moonlight serenade - two mermaids dreaming...

  • Pine (2) 2

    by NateCanpbell

    As I sit here in this quiet room,
    The silence it just kills me...

  • A New Beginning (2) 2

    by RustySoul

    No joy resides in this sullen heart,
    Memories of you haunt my mind...

  • I have pictures of you.
    Here, and there, and everywhere...

  • The truth (2)

    by ILoveHim

    You know he lies when he says "I Love...
    You know he lies when he says that he sorry and he...

  • Winds Of Change (17) 14

    by Cindy

    Winds Of Change
    Winds of change blow once more...