Poems About Being Best Friends

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  • My Angels (21)

    by twisted reality

    **Well I wrote this poem at midnight, as I was...
    I talk about my "angels" a lot...

  • You (21)

    by Amanda

    You gave away my sadness and locked it in a box,
    made sure it wasn't free, secured it tight with...

  • A Rare Friend (20)

    by Cindy

    A Rare Friend...

  • Friendly Note (20)

    by awww

    To Cat and all my friends,
    "It may be a while since I last wrote...

  • Promise (20)

    by Atomic

    Another year have come and gone,
    And you're still standing here today...

  • Three (20)

    by Johnny Marlin

    I have deep seated issues
    No one can understand...

  • Melanie (19)

    by Kaila

    Amazingly wonderful,
    I know that is true...

  • Broken (19)

    by Kaila

    I've been left here to suffer.
    I've been left here to cry...

  • Friends Forever? (19)

    by Mandy

    **!Please comment!**
    He was my best friend...

  • Ingrid (18) 3


    She sits at her desk like a Flower in full bloom...

  • Once a Friend, Now More (18)

    by Paul Gondwe

    Its something i cant deny
    You are the friend i needed...

  • Friends (18)

    by ImNotPerfect20

    You were my friend, you were always there
    You helped me through some hard times and you...