Poems About Lost Relationships

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  • X..Say Goodbye..x (2)

    by xXxBrOkEnAnGeLxXx

    I'm sitting here alone baby,
    thinking about you...

  • galloping around
    on a one armed roulette wheel...

  • Neverland (8) 8

    by AnnaCaprice

    The second star on the right
    And straight through the night to you...

  • Vertex Of Anger (2) 2

    by Lady Nik

    I breathe and I need.
    I want and i plead...

  • Dad (6) 7

    by Phil

    Dont come back into our life's
    And try to...

  • Broken soul, perfect defeat. (1)

    by A piece of my broken heart is embedded in you forever

    Your hand was in my hand,
    Your eyes met with mine...

  • Over You Being Over Me (3) 1

    by Some Random Human

    I've cried so many tears, I think that I've run...
    now I'm facing all my fears, the loss of you and...

  • Breakup (Senryu) (8) 4

    by Walter

    Footsteps left behind
    Can be traced back to your heart...

  • Roses (8) 10 HM

    by Matt Carroll

    A vase of roses sits upon my table
    I just can't bear to touch or toss...

  • Alterations. (5) 2

    by Courageous Dreamer

    It seems friendships have become
    altered in an unusual way...

  • One Last Goodbye (6) 2

    by XxxTheDarkestAngelxxX

    I'm finished. I'm done. I have nothing left to...
    I cant sleep. Cant eat. I've lost my will to live...

  • Stuck (4) 6

    by DarkAngel

    Just when I think I'm finally free
    You always find a way back to me...