Poems About Rekindled Love

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    A voice beyond the common knew...

  • Wishes

    by Moiz altaf

    I wanna hold your hand again,
    And look at you in the eye...

  • Coming home from a long day of work.
    The same routine, taking off my shoes, pants and...

  • Together again (6) 3

    by Phoenix ¥

    I knew I just needed to hold you
    After everything we’d been through...

  • Sun, Moon And Stars (9) 8

    by CJ Maleney

    I'm going to build a world around you,
    Already! one has begun...

  • Fracture ~ Maybe 1

    by Rosy Cheeks And Irony

    We try to run from our own fatality of which
    eclipses us in that same...

  • Never Before 1

    by JaM

    Through the foggy grey's,
    Of freshly instilled...

  • Shikaayatein

    by ankit

    Shikaayatein toh Inaayat hein,
    Ibaadat-e-ishq pe tere hai yakeen...

  • Alone together (3) 2

    by Professor Leskinen

    Alone, in a cloudy winter night
    I seek protection from the storm that will soon...

  • Just A Thought

    by Robert Daniel Long

    I look back in the mirror
    And I see you wave...

  • Second chance (3) 6

    by naaz

    I still have that house inside my heart
    where once you used to live...

  • Eggshells Of Phoenix (2) 1

    by CJ Maleney

    If the eggshells upon which we tread finally...
    Would all those delicate things break us? As we...