Poems About Sensual Love

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  • The light I see you in (6) 5

    by Beautiful Tragedy

    You are so beautiful that I swear
    Even the birds get distracted as they fly above...

  • Waiting (3) 3 HM

    by Deana

    Through the darkness,a brighter day...

  • Expressions of love (5) 2

    by Grant Gilbert AKA Slash

    Expressions of love
    Whispers in the night...

  • Changes! (1)

    by bex

    I don't know how he does it
    How he changes over night...

  • Her Eyes (3)

    by Kyle

    "Her",alot of things beutiful,her...

  • Winter (3)

    by tyler

    The kiss in the cold is preferred
    Its promises something that is eventually betrayed...

  • Moon light Kisses (6)

    by zaheer

    I feel your cool hands,
    and soft breath on my neck...

  • I don’t have to; but I want to be (6) 5

    by Beautiful Tragedy

    It’s only December;
    And June is six and a half months away...

  • Ecstasy (3) 1

    by Natalie84

    Enticing skin of velvet
    So seductively draped across me...

  • Lovers tryst
    An oil painted serenade...

  • Hunger (9)

    by Lemma

    For your warmth,
    For your embrace...

  • One more kiss... (1)

    by Jennifer Lyn

    Here we lay in the dark
    you have one arm around my waist...