Favorite Poems of justl0veme

  • Stuck in the Past (10) 3

    by No1ButMe

    Together forever
    Such a beautiful lie...

  • I Tried (8)

    by Jack Crimson Nightengale

    I gave you someone that you could always turn to,
    I was your friend and I always stayed true...

  • The Art of Sadness (1) 3 HM

    by Beautiful Chaos

    Each tear plucked from the eye,
    So full of self loathing...

  • Holding on (1) 2

    by TiMe hEaLs aLL wOuNdS

    Holding on to what we had
    like a shadow that wont disappear...

  • Turned To Frost (2) 2

    by tainted melody

    Love came,
    and then was lost...

  • Left in Fragments (2) 3

    by Jad

    Hearts kept together by love,
    Radiating happy thoughts every day...

  • Snake Whisperer (6) 2

    by Soft Parade

    Slippery Serpent navigates the cream
    Delectable sights unearthed in a dream...

  • I Can't (4)

    by Jad

    Love cripples the heart.
    Emotions fall apart...

  • Springs Lost Beauty...

  • Don't Forget To Remember. (27) 8 WIN

    by Courageous Dreamer

    Enigma plagues unknown answers-
    of what has transpired of this love...

  • Quite Possible, Actually.

    by UntilYouBreakMyHeart221

    Is it possible to fall for someone so fast,
    That someone could make you forget the past...

  • Do you still not see?
    Whenever your close to me...

  • Shower (6)

    by Kuro

    There isn't enough hot water
    To ease my restless mind...

  • F..u..c...k.. you (2)

    by BrokenVodkaBottle

    F..u..c...k.. you for the pain you have caused.
    F..u..c...k.. you for the tears iv poured...

  • Not Meant To Be. (6)

    by Aveena

    Ive given you my heaer
    Its yours to keep...

  • Unfamilar (3)

    by Kuro

    How did I forget
    The sound of a smile...

  • Speak Of Reality. (5)

    by Brenda

    Don't feed me lies.
    when you know...

  • I Am Beautiful (9)

    by Lady Nik

    I look in the mirror...
    my naked body bleak...

  • In the back of my mind (11)

    by Ingrid de Klerck

    In the back of my mind
    you are always there...

  • Cant take anymoreee (4)

    by Yours Truly xO

    When you cant stand to face yourself anymore
    and you just dont see yourself ever smiling...

  • Special Secret (8) 2

    by Lady Nik

    I wake up in this skin of mine
    and I'm deeply saddened...

  • I Will Not Cry (15)

    by Lady Nik

    I can hear them again
    Him yelling at her...

  • Lies (2)

    by ilikepurple222

    Empty screams echo through the halls.
    A house that was never truly called a home...

  • Heavily destructed; devastated. (2)

    by abullettotheheart

    I am fallen, wrecked, and in a decayed condition I...
    you live and stay as a permanent resident in my...

  • My Last Goodbye (6)

    by Kuro

    One pill, to ease the pain
    Two pills, if I can't sustain...

  • What A Day (1)

    by Katie

    You held me close
    As I cried away...

  • Tangled in your lies (15) 3

    by Faithless

    Trapped within your violent dreams
    Unheard voices from my silent scream...

  • Dishonesty (10) 1

    by Jessica

    This plague devours millions
    crawls inside each vibrant mind...

  • Faded Memories (5)

    by Jes

    The memories fade
    The flowers die...

  • No Love (6)

    by Steady Stereotype

    Ever symbolic flying dove,
    Soars the sky high above...

  • Haiku: Sleep (1)

    by Katie

    A dreamless sleep.
    Cold lonely nights...

  • Without (12) 5 WIN

    by Lu

    Now feels like never
    and close seems so far away...

  • Lonely (2) 1

    by MyNewMoon

    My true face is hidden
    behind a well crafted mask...

  • Love and hatred

    by Valiantpenguin

    In this world there is love and hate
    Both are strong, one our backs like a weight...

  • What I hate about this

    by Valiantpenguin

    Of all the things you've put me through
    I hate to say that I love you...

  • Love Covered By A Lie

    by Forever Broken

    Darkness filled the void you left
    when you walked away that day...

  • Insane or Crazy?

    by Tangible heartache

    Movement in the dark,
    Whispers In the night...

  • Poor Child (12)

    by SoUrNameIsTia

    A child so young,
    bony and starved...

  • Write another poem
    Carve another letter...

  • Liar Liar (2)

    by shadow

    Are you okay?
    Is there something you need to say...

  • The shadows crawl across colorless walls,
    In varying shades of ever-darkening black...

  • You Deserve Better (1)

    by Forever Broken

    I know that you love her but don't give her your...
    remember how many time's she's left you to fall...

  • I see you still havent learned a damn thing
    I guess picking up the phone is too hard for you...

  • I have a secret (2)

    by Tangible heartache

    There is something I want you to know
    I have a secret that I keep hidden inside...

  • Sacrifised to Hell (13)

    by SoUrNameIsTia

    Droplets of your sour blood collect and form a...
    you stand above your gray dead body just starring...

  • Once Upon a Broken Heart (1)

    by Lyssi Lori

    There is a story, sad and true,
    It started with an "I love you.&quot...

  • No Other Choice

    by Forever Broken

    Home alone
    no one to stop me...

  • Forget, remember (1)

    by Valiantpenguin

    Forget the times he walked by
    Forget the times he made you cry...

  • Becoming a Faded Memory? (13)

    by SiLeNtLy ScReAmInG

    Tell me something true,
    Tell me something pure and from the heart...

  • Secret Pain (3)

    by Forever Broken

    There's so much pain in every word
    In these well kept secrets you haven't heard...

  • For No Reason (4)

    by Forever Broken

    I used to wake up wishing to die
    I used to stay up late just to cry...

  • I Hope You're Proud (4)

    by Forever Broken

    So tell me was it all you thought it would be?
    Was it worth doing all that you did to me...

  • If you only knew.. (2)

    by fallenforhimm

    Every nite they've been apart,
    Her eyes have cried, he broke her heart...

  • Take Me or Leave (1)

    by Forever Broken

    A battle fighting inside of me
    emotions that won't let me be...

  • Childhood Nightmare (9) 1

    by Forever Broken

    In the dead of night, into darkness I slip
    The devil's vines pull me into my nightmares grip...

  • Flawed Masquerade (26)

    by SiLeNtLy ScReAmInG

    I'm trying to hold it together,
    Letting the cold numb flood my veins...

  • Pain ripping every nerve
    Willing your breath away...

  • Consequence of Shattered Innocence (6)

    by SiLeNtLy ScReAmInG

    Secrets hidden well,
    To cover up the shame...

  • I'm trying to write the final line, to complete my...
    Yet as I sing it, I do fear, that I have composed...

  • Nonexistant Fairytale (7)

    by SiLeNtLy ScReAmInG

    If I'm only dreaming,
    That means this isn't real...

  • Stupid Girl (16)

    by Forever Broken

    STUPID girl, you let him in.
    STUPID girl, you fell for him...

  • I Wish I knew Why (10)

    by Forever Broken

    Too many days I've walked around
    trying to get over you...

  • Sick n Tired (12)

    by Aveena

    I'm sick and tired of being treated like a...

  • What happened? (9)

    by Forever Broken

    It all happened so fast that night
    yet every detail I still see...

  • Illusioned Reality (34)

    by SiLeNtLy ScReAmInG

    My dreams consist of nightmares,
    Things I shouldn't see...

  • I see

    by Yours Truly xO

    I see you with her everyday
    your smiling face...

  • Won't let them... (7)

    by Valiantpenguin

    Do you ever look in the mirror
    Wonder how you turned out like this...

  • Death

  • Trust: The greatest lie (48) 3

    by SiLeNtLy ScReAmInG

    Smiles painted across familiar faces,
    Hiding all the things they've done...

  • Untitled... (1)

    by Yours Truly xO

    Her heart had been broken too many times,
    she's felt heartache & pain, she's dealt with...

  • I can... (2)

    by Valiantpenguin

    When I was young
    You would always tell me...

  • Emotionless (4)

    by Valiantpenguin

    When you leave
    don't think I'll try to make you stay...

  • Sometimes (5)

    by CHOKE

    We're not all perfect,
    So let's not pretend...

  • A Life Without You (1)

    by Lyssi Lori

    A life without you is like a life without air,
    And a life without oxygen just isn't fair...

  • It's a Teenage Life (5)

    by Forever Broken

    It's complicated
    trying to find your way...

  • Lovee (1)

    by Yours Truly xO

    Love can be real
    love can be fake...

  • I thought I knew (3)

    by Forever Broken

    I know where I'm heading
    don't tell me I'm wrong...

  • Numb (29) 1

    by SiLeNtLy ScReAmInG

    Fairytales and daydreams,
    Just illusions before my eyes...

  • I'm 16, and a survivor of abuse.
    It's good to say that I'm no longer neglected and...

  • You were never there (36) 1

    by SiLeNtLy ScReAmInG

    Don't pretend to know me,
    Don't pretend to care...

  • Nothing (2)

    by Yours Truly xO

    If only you were mine still
    maybe sadness is what i wouldn`t feel...

  • But it`s so true..

    by Yours Truly xO

    I can hardly breathe
    blurrness is what i see...

  • Fake!

    by SweetGurl

    I fake a smile everyday
    and pretend to be happy on my way...

  • Silent Scream (4)

    by CityGirl

    A person so bleak
    so empty inside...