Favorite Poems of Evi

  • I have scar tissue
    that spells her name...

  • 1 week post-op (14) 8 WIN

    by Poet on the Piano

    I don't think it can ever be
    properly expressed...

  • borrowed breath (4) 6

    by Mr. Darcy

    Lullaby birds beside me lay
    ‘til roses pierced my dreams...

  • I pressed the last red
    flower you gave me, in a...

  • No Epilogue 1

    by Satish Verma

    The flame springs to
    burn my hand. Blood drips drop...

  • Art is Suicide (5) 4 WIN

    by Kakera

    You sat in my window,
    singing ironic love songs...

  • I see you with him
    He has control...

  • If I can go back in time I'd change
    Not a whole lot I would leave things the same...

  • And she asked me today,
    "what inspires you to write...

  • Ballad: Jim's Lie 1

    by Katie

    I'll tell you a story
    About a lie...

  • Devilish disguise 1

    by Alexis Anderson

    You say its fine
    You tell me it was one time...

  • Oh you damned devil,
    You beautiful monster...

  • Table for... who? (1) 2

    by Blank

    Here we go again.
    Twrling my fork...

  • Move your wings (2) 4

    by Professor Leskinen

    When you think the times are getting worse
    And the days get shorter, and the nights grow...

  • Don't give up (1) 1

    by Professor Leskinen

    Someday you may find yourself wandering, lost
    Like an unresting ghost with pain in its heart...

  • Probly wouldn't be this way (1) 1

    by Alexis Anderson

    Probably would hurt so bad if I had just walked...
    I shoulda turned my back on you like...

  • Split personality (4) 1

    by Alexis Anderson

    Once again i have done wrong, this happens often...

  • No mommy no 1

    by Alexis Anderson

    The pain won't go away it all just keeps coming.
    The tears seem like they won't stop...

  • last supper (etheree) (3) 4

    by Mr. Darcy


  • To & Fro, Fro & To. (3) 2

    by Blank

    Sorry I haven't had time to write a new poem, alot...

  • Rape (1) 2

    by anonymous

    When you crept in me the first time
    taking my innocence away...

  • Sleepless nights 1

    by death chants

    I find myself yawning again and again,
    But I can't sleep, which is a real pain...

  • Fake Love 1

    by Blank

    You only do this for you.
    Not thinking about me...

  • sorry. (1) 1

    by donk2ymouth

    sorry sorry sorry sorry
    apologies begin to bore me...

  • It's not you, it's me (22) 17

    by Kitty Cat Lady

    I really am so sorry
    How perfect it would be...

  • Stress (weekly prompt) (9) 7

    by Michael

    Struck down with anxiety
    Tensions weigh heavily upon me...

  • Hiding (1) 3

    by Beautiful Chaos

    I hide my eyes
    So you can't see inside...

  • Disguises 1

    by Beautiful Chaos

    It's disguised as hate
    This love...

  • Lol. (3) 2

    by donk2ymouth

    I guess you called up Dante
    you seem to know him well...

  • Seaside [haiku] (1) 1

    by Boy

    Rows of waves chasing
    wetting the sand and fading...

  • Awakes in midnight
    My Eyes search for light quickly...

  • Failure (3) 5

    by Victor

    Living in hell
    Nothing is well...

  • Valentine (acrostic) (13) 9

    by Michael


  • Gone (1) 2

    by Victor

    I remember when we weren't together
    It was honestly the worst time of my life...

  • The Unforgiven (2) 3

    by Victor

    I wonder what I did in my previous life
    Maybe I was really successful...

  • Appreciation (3) 3

    by Victor

    There is a specific person
    That I love more than anything else...

  • Balance 2

    by Victor

    I've never felt this cold
    But at the same time, I've never felt this warm...

  • Metaphorical Racism (2) 2

    by Victor

    I like music
    As in, I really like it...

  • Diagrama, my path will come,
    maybe I'm lonesome...

  • Raw 1

    by Hope

    Demon on the inside, where do I hide:hideaway-
    the days never fade, freelance to your gage, let...

  • Cut- 1

    by Hope

    now, just now, this world is just enough, but...

  • Cut: 1

    by Hope

    the stars land and explode, following me home....
    all the closed road signs that send me overturned...

  • Cut; 2

    by Hope

    The footprints in the sand send me home, but where...
    by the footprints in the sands, the stars exploded...

  • Treason 1

    by Hope

    Demon, what is my treason?
    brought down by the crashing watershore's fall...

  • What is a monster? (1) 2

    by Victor

    What is a monster?
    Some people would say pedophiles...

  • Let Me End It (3) 1

    by Matthew Lee

    That night we talked
    You questioned me...

  • Who I Am (3) 1

    by Matthew Lee

    Who I am,
    Is for me to know...

  • Blank Pages (8) 7

    by TinyDancer46

    An empty paper stares at me
    It taunts as I delay...

  • The Hidden Star (3) 2

    by Leo Fawaz Martini

    In the darkness of the borderless space
    Where no light could peep...

  • A Story About Life (2) 5

    by Victor

    Let me tell you a story
    About a sweet, young boy...

  • Torn (3) 5

    by Victor

    There's one thing I hate more than anything else
    One thing, that tears me up...

  • The World (1) 3

    by Victor

    When I look at the world
    I don't see what I used to see...

  • Useless 2

    by Victor

    Empty mind
    No ideas...

  • Why? (2) 4

    by Victor

    You ruined my life
    But I still care about you...

  • She was a rose (1) 2

    by Alice rider

    She was so beautiful when you looked at her
    You wanted her for yourself...

  • you are the earth
    so beautiful and mysterious...

  • Silence (4) 6 HM

    by Victor

    Do you see what I see?
    Truth is an offense...

  • panicc attack (1) 2

    by Alice rider

    i cant sstop shaking i feel my self being consumed...
    mmy mind is going hundreds of miles a hour...

  • I owe my demons 1

    by Valiantpenguin

    I owe nothing to the demons in my closet
    I am here despite them...

  • Help me (1) 2

    by Victor

    I don't know...

  • Cadaver (6) 3

    by Avarna

    Here's a little story, about a little girl,
    Once her eyes, were the brighest of them all...

  • Forced (1) 5

    by Victor

    I hate seeing other people in relationships
    Because I know I'll never have "The one...

  • One in a million (4) 4

    by Professor Leskinen

    One in a million
    The chance of the plane I'm in crashing...

  • The average human's fate (3) 4

    by Professor Leskinen

    Ah, the pleasant smell of gasoline
    Just one spark away to end humanity...

  • The lone knight (2) 3

    by Professor Leskinen

    A knight with darkness in his heart
    Tearing his inside world apart...

  • Needed 2

    by Victor

    Am I needed?
    Am I important...

  • Everything hurts 3

    by Victor

    My head hurts
    My stomach hurts...

  • It feels like you're standing
    But you can't move your legs...

  • If you're (2) 5

    by Victor

    If you're stupid and normal
    You probably won't get somewhere in life...

  • I died (2) 3

    by Victor

    I died once
    It felt nice...

  • Depressed (10) 7

    by Allie

    Just because you don't feel what I feel doesn't...
    Just because you don't understand what it's like...

  • Crying 2

    by Victor

    Nothing makes me cry
    Movies don't make me cry...

  • Nobody 2

    by Victor

    I'm ignored.
    No one pays attention to me...

  • Waste 2

    by Victor

    What am I even doing?
    Nobody cares about me...

  • Pain 3

    by Victor

    This pain I'm giving myself
    There's no reason it should feel this good...

  • I've seen something strange happen lately
    When I see people talk about depression, they talk...

  • Invisible 2

    by Victor

    I'm basically invisible to everyone
    My social life, gone...

  • Wait 2

    by Victor

    Is anybody there?
    Does anybody care...

  • Fault 1

    by Scarlet

    Frazzled by the hurt and the pain
    Sometimes I wonder who it is to blame...

  • Comply 1

    by Scarlet

    As we sit, foot apart
    Laughing and smiling...

  • Dreams are free 2

    by MissLily

    As I walk along the streets at night,
    I notice nothing but the dark...

    A respecter of persons I’m not, do you want a...

  • Love Virus (1) 2

    by julian

    Like the sun rising on a field of snow,
    her eyes glisten with a kind warmth...

  • Golden 1

    by julian

    Of golden eyes,
    with a golden hue...

  • Sickness (1) 2

    by julian

    Another guy,
    More pain...

  • Night 1

    by Victor

    The night is so beautiful
    Filled with so much mystery and wonder...

  • I Know (9) 5

    by Kitty Cat Lady

    I know where you are tonight
    And I'm happy you're moving on...

  • last night (1) 3

    by brittany williams

    last night i cried myself to sleep
    as tears soaked my pillow top...

  • Does He Know (5) 3

    by brittany williams


  • Creature 1

    by Victor

    There is a creature on this planet
    A creature, that destroys everything...

  • Jessica (7) 9 HM

    by Larry Chamberlin

    Jessica always
    interrupts me...

  • A message (1) 2

    by Victor

    Look down
    I love you...

  • Us (2) 2

    by Victor


  • Depraved thoughts (1) 2

    by Victor

    You know, I have a lot of weird thoughts
    I always think about them, no matter what...

  • Thoughts (16) 8

    by chandelier

    I want to sit on the edge of a cliff
    and gaze at the sun touching the sea...

  • I like the strange silence
    that engulfs you in the middle of the night...

  • A

  • Insomniacs (12) 14 HM

    by Ren

    We will wait,
    Silent as sin...

  • Moonbeams in a Jar (19) 12 HM

    by mossgirl19

    He looks at her, earnestly,
    Wanting to be near her, but...

  • Slaughterhouse (3) 5

    by Victor

    God, I feel so tired
    I'm not even sure where I am...

  • Loss of power (2) 3

    by Victor

    You've been handed everything in your life
    You've never had to face hardships in your life...

  • Please don't (4) 6

    by Victor

    I'm so scared right now
    There's somebody in my house...

  • Little Mary's bubble 1

    by Professor Leskinen

    Humans float inside their bubbles
    The stuff they like, they put them in...

  • It hurts (1) 3

    by Victor

    I want to help people
    I don't want people to be hurt...

  • Hallucinations (1) 2

    by Victor

    I feel like I'm going crazy
    I keep seeing these weird entities...

  • Beneath the surface (1) 2

    by Victor

    There's so much of the sea that we haven't...
    So much, that contains so many different lifeforms...

  • My dilemma (2) (1) 2

    by Professor Leskinen

    In my cave, there is no place for people
    It's cold, it's dark, and there's noone but me...

  • My dilemma (1) 1

    by Professor Leskinen

    Living alone in this cave
    The freezing cold doesn't hurt me, it's dark yet i...

  • Alone together (3) 2

    by Professor Leskinen

    Alone, in a cloudy winter night
    I seek protection from the storm that will soon...

  • A place of pain (3) 4

    by Victor

    An old building
    Screams of pain...

  • I don't feel anything (1) 3

    by Victor

    Why can't I feel anything?
    I'm in front of a corpse...

  • Hands 3

    by Scarlet

    Its difficult laying in bed.
    Remembering his hands around my body...

  • Thoughts 1

    by Scarlet

    I lay in my bed
    Full of dismay...

  • Cancer (1) 2

    by Scarlet

    My life is like cancer
    It happened with no explanation...

  • Breath 1

    by Scarlet

    Close your eyes
    Calm your breath...

  • Buried in my soul 1

    by the zomitato

    As you whispered I love you into my ear, it...

  • Give/Choke/Speak 1

    by Chelsie Gaither

    He forced the skill right out of me.
    A squeeze to the abdomen and...

  • Straw Skin 1

    by Chelsie Gaither

    Loose hair
    Dribbles off...

  • Music 1

    by Victor

    I wish people could stop asking me about my music
    When I just want to be left alone...

  • An escape from reality (1) 1

    by Victor

    I wish I could describe how this feels
    How it feels to just relax...

  • Lost moments (29) 33 WIN

    by Milly Hayward

    Music pulls tightly at my soul
    follows me out as I stroll...

  • Mute Monster (8) 8

    by Tasha

    I shouldn't be left in silence
    It gives me too much time to think...

  • Get out of my head 1

    by Victor

    Get out of my head
    Get out of my head...

  • Good girl 1

    by Victor

    I have to do it
    I have to be a good girl...

  • Falling (1) 1

    by Victor

    I'm sat beside my window looking at the rain...

  • Help 1

    by Victor

    Help me
    Help me when no one else wants to...

  • Humans 1

    by Victor

    Humans are strange creatures
    If someone does something to them...

  • Locked up 1

    by Victor

    I spent years locked up
    For something I couldn't control...

  • A strange feeling 1

    by Victor

    What is this feeling?
    Why am I getting it...

  • Redemption 1

    by Victor

    I see nothing but blood...

  • Imprisoned 1

    by Victor

    I can't go anywhere
    I can't go outside...

  • Sleep 1

    by Victor

    I feel it around my body
    It's squeezing the air out of me...

  • War 1

    by Victor

    Why were we chosen for this?
    Why would anyone make us do this...

  • A selfish murderer 1

    by Victor

    I see so many people eveyday
    Living out their life happily...

  • Dark 1

    by Victor

    Why is everything so cold?
    Why is it so wet...

  • The icy forest 1

    by Victor

    I see a snow-covered forest
    The animals running freely around...

  • Insane 1

    by Victor

    I feel something weird
    A rush of energy going through me...

  • Crazy 1

    by Victor

    Why does this feel so good?
    I'm taking another person's life...

  • Torture 1

    by Victor


  • Monster (1) 2

    by Victor

    I don't understand
    I don't understand anything...

  • Life 1

    by Victor

    Is there even a point to anything?
    We all do the same thing, day by day...

  • Hopeless? 1

    by Victor

    It hurts
    It hurts so unbearably much...

  • Eyes 2

    by Victor

    I see it
    Running down her face...

  • Insomnia 1

    by Victor

    I'm so tired
    I have so many things to do tomorrow...

  • Did I do this? 1

    by Victor

    I see flames in the rain
    Burned-down buildings...

  • Fate 1

    by Victor

    No no no no
    I didn't want to end up like this...

  • Drowning 1

    by Victor

    I can't breathe
    I feel cold...

  • Normal (Acrostic) (18) 10

    by Michael

    Ones own...

  • What you did to me 2

    by little one

    Id rather overdose or blow my fukin brains on the...
    Because after 11 years I still cant deal with all...

  • The ride (4) 3

    by Brenda

    I wasn't planning
    on dying today...

  • I'm drowning in a sea of feelings.
    He doesn't notice the tears falling down my face...

  • Spark (2) 4

    by Alex Penuelas

    Don't let anyone
    Remove that spark of inspiration...

  • Lemons (1) 3

    by Alex Penuelas

    Lemons can make you cry,
    By lemons can also be used...

  • End Of My Time 2

    by Emily Wacker

    Hands are steady,
    Nothing feels real anymore...

  • Demon in disguise 1

    by Alexis Anderson

    The smile of a saint,
    The grin of evil...

  • Alone 1

    by Victor

    I'm sitting alone in my room
    I can't talk to anyone...

  • Slaves 1

    by Victor

    They're screaming so much
    And it's because of me...

  • Nightmares 1

    by Victor

    I see nothing but darkness
    I look around, darkness...

  • Bugs 1

    by Victor

    My hands are bound
    My eyes are covered...

  • Internet dating (12) 10

    by Michael

    Image exposed.
    History disclosed...

  • Healthy (9) 7

    by mossgirl19

    The neuro doc said
    Nothing is wrong with my mind...