Favorite Poems of Walter

  • The Old Recliner (2) 2

    by Nicole Johnson

    Happiness was sitting in the old worn down...
    Happiness used to be sitting shotgun in a car with...

  • Blossoms (2) 4

    by Paul H

    Pink petals falling
    Gently from the sky...

  • There is something inside my
    body that makes my bones...

  • Who knew something so small
    could be the highlight of the day...

  • The Raven (4) 3 WIN

    by The Fallen Angel

    So long ago, I once saw
    a raven so black and bright...

  • It's so difficult to gain that strength
    to leave my bed in the morning...

  • Daily Hues (3) 5

    by Kate

    The sunset drips in hues of blood orange,
    Melting into whispers of the softest blues...

  • Pluviophile (5) 5

    by enigmatic_prey

    An overcast dawn, as the sun, yet again, gets...
    Cascading from the ether, crystal drops quench the...

  • Question (3) 4

    by CJ Maleney

    Have you ever given your all?
    And to your heart be fully true...

  • Scents of Us (3) 5

    by Kate

    Your head rests against a silken pillow,
    Forehead just inches from my pounding chest...

  • Identity Crisis (1) 5

    by Kate

    Who am I if I do not have the slightest clue?
    I question the intentions of my aspirations...

  • sensitivity (5) 8 HM

    by Skyfire

    is like a small fish
    keen to changes...

  • The clouds stalk the meadow leisurely
    The skies changing into a deep, violent gray...

  • I watched you from my window...

  • Golden (6) 5

    by Kate

    Golden are the flecks in the iris of your eyes
    A deep forest green lit with beautiful fireflies...

  • Exist 3

    by Obscure

    I don't want to be perceived
    Cause I'd rather not be here...

  • Moral Compass (Sonnet) (1) 3 WIN

    by Milly Hayward

    As I descend towards a fatal thrall
    The landscape plots and twists in my demise...

  • Pained (2) 3

    by Em

    sudden lies
    droopy eyes...

  • If (6) 7 WIN

    by Kai

    If my heart was a rose
    Would it be as black as the ashes of your love...

  • Red Giant (8) 6

    by Ben Pickard

    I tried to spark the sun at night,
    But found the moon a stubborn foe...

  • breathe in... (10) 5

    by Ren

    the silent prayers
    that God will never hear...

  • My Love (10) 4

    by Love

    You still linger,
    Right between the shadows of the folding moon...

  • First Date (6) 7

    by Kate

    Do you remember our first date?
    That downtown Chinese place...

  • Moonbeams in a Jar (19) 12 HM

    by mossgirl19

    He looks at her, earnestly,
    Wanting to be near her, but...

  • The Week of Yearning (8) 6

    by Tanya Southey

    If I had five minutes
    to talk to you...

  • The Lonely Lares (8) 6

    by Anya

    Back before the woods were long
    There came a quiet mourning song...

  • Trance (6) 3

    by Linda

    Pledge to stars, voodoo dance,
    Clear your space, tribal stance...

  • I Became the Moon (13) 19

    by Kate

    When I had no tears left to cry
    My particles disappeared into the air...

  • Not Heard (8) 16 WIN

    by nourayasmine

    I don't usually pray.
    But tonight, the hospital was crowded...

  • I pressed the last red
    flower you gave me, in a...

  • But my wound is stubborn
    And it doesn't want to be healed...

  • Darling (10) 3

    by Guilty By Design

    Do you even know what it feels like
    To be surrounded by people...

  • Wallowing (2) 3

    by Hurtingsoul

    They pass me by...

  • Make a Difference (8) 7

    by Milly Hayward

    Little boy on the snow filled street
    giving a smile to all you meet...

  • Electric Screams (6) 3

    by Lyical Madness

    Silent screams like electric lights
    Striking from the depths of dark swirling skies...

  • More than love (12) 12 WIN

    by Mr. Darcy

    Dark skies rain with thunderous force
    it's here where lust must dwell, of course...

  • Black Beach (6) 7 HM

    by Scrittore

    A beach was created
    From waves of tears long shed...

  • The Fall (45) 35 HM

    by Ren

    It wasn’t the fall
    That killed her...

  • More than We Ever Were (6) 5

    by Someone Invisible

    We're friends still.
    After everything...

  • Murderous Hand (28) 21 WIN

    by Milly Hayward

    Blood red is the shadow round your eyes
    as you look out on dying skies...

  • Lost moments (29) 32 WIN

    by Milly Hayward

    Music pulls tightly at my soul
    follows me out as I stroll...

  • Already dead... (196) 22

    by Rolo

    Lonely and hurt,
    Broken I remain...