Favorite Poems of H. Elizabeth

  • That Last Drag (4) 4

    by D. Lloyd

    You're down to your lucky
    you put it to your lips and strike up that old...

  • Meet again (4) 4

    by D. Lloyd

    fate is cruel
    we met...

  • She is my best friend (1)

    by Someonethere

    My best friend.
    My best...

  • You Meant Everything To Me (1)

    by TheGirlSittingAllByHerself

    I remember the days,
    When you'd put your arm around me...

  • You say, I see (4)

    by Someonethere

    You don't eat,
    You don't sleep...

  • The Floor

    by BloodyBrokenAngel

    The tears streamed from her eyes
    As she fell down to the floor...

  • Faded

    by No1ButMe

    I stand at the edge of my world
    And I keep looking out, now...

  • Can We Break It? (12)

    by Hallucinostic

    I need more time,
    I'm drifting out of line...

  • Bizarre Memoirs (11) 6 WIN

    by Sunshine

    I wonder if you still paint your
    face with novel features at...

  • The Old Grey Mare (5) 5

    by Michael D Nalley

    The old mare would lollop back to the gate
    As if to say to me I cannot wait...

  • Do you mind? (2)

    by Michael D Nalley

    Do you mind?
    Do you mind brother...

  • Goof (1)

    by Michael D Nalley

    I just took a shot of eighty proof.
    I'll cut that old tree over our roof...

  • Fading too soon (8)

    by BehindTheSmile

    I feel the wet tears
    Rolling down my cheek...

  • There once was this woman you see
    Who was irascible as could be...

  • You love her and She never did (4)

    by WonderingSpiritDiaries

    You want her
    you cry and tell me she means the world to you...

  • I'm a .. (2)

    by brokenhearted teenage girl

    I'm a slxt because I'll wear shorts and a tank...
    I'm a b!!tch because i don't let you push me...

  • Christmas Spirit (3)

    by Michael D Nalley

    You were there long before, my Lord
    Bringing love, and hope of one accord...

  • Pure Truth (3)

    by Michael D Nalley

    They say that all is fair, in love and war,
    But faith, hope, and charity are much more...

  • In Memory of Daydreams (7) 2

    by Darien

    In Memory of Daydreams
    She walked into the room and all went silent...

  • Head First (10) 5 WIN

    by silvershoes

    I liked it better when
    you didn't exist and I could...

  • Dont forget

    by suicidal rose in a field of flowers

    Dont you forget about me, dont you forget about...

  • Bleeding In (3)

    by Keleena

    Run into - Collide,
    My inside outside...

  • Not A Mistake (2)

    by Lost Dreamer

    Yelling, and screaming.
    It's all a mistake...

  • Stars . (4)

    by C0tt0nxCand3h

    The stars up in the sky,
    are shining really bright...

  • Confidentiality (3) 2

    by Michael D Nalley

    We have thought of our confidentiality
    As a treasured and secured reality...

  • Maybe (5)

    by cupidgirl

    Maybe one day you will open your eyes,
    and smile at those you despise...

  • You (1)

    by DeadSmileyFace

    I first laid eyes on you.
    I thought never...

  • Fml (2)

    by andi

    Slash after slash...

  • I'm waiting... but dying

    by Helpless rose

    I'm waiting for this Saturday,
    my pale fingers are crossed...

  • All About Me

    by LonelyNightsHurt

    I'm sensitive and I cry
    I don't want to hear about your ex...

  • Letting Go.

    by Perfectly Imperfect

    Letting go is never easy
    And I never thought Id have to let go of this...

  • Is it really ? (1)

    by Elizabeth

    Is it Really?
    Tears burn my eyes...

  • In Hell. (1)

    by Elizabeth

    In Hell
    My chest burns...

  • Reach Out (1)

    by Elizabeth

    Reach out
    Look around you...

  • Underestimate Me?
    Optimism Overlurks Your Pessemistic Thoughts...

  • Falling Apart (5)

    by Lost Dreamer

    We're falling apart,
    drifting away...

  • Unspoken words (5)

    by anonymous

    Always questioning your life...
    but seem so happy all the time...

  • Way Too Fat (4)

    by Michael D Nalley

    Way Too Fat
    He gained twenty pounds every year...

  • Swimming through a canyon of love without a...
    Closing my eyes so I don't have to see the love...

  • Never. (1)

    by The Upsides

    Just today,
    I want to run away from school...

  • I Hate You

    by Martyka

    We were the ones
    Forever it was suppose to be...

  • Not Today.. (1)

    by The Upsides

    I will always have to tell myself,
    I'll be okay...

  • Untitled, but Beautiful

    by xoxoMandieSxoxo

    The moon looks so beautiful outside.
    So peaceful...

  • Blinded (2)

    by anonymous

    Life is like a game, we the people are the...

  • You're the one to blame

    by recklessdreamerx3

    Your words, not mine: it's over
    sorry i'm not the girl for you...

  • Painted skies dipped in hues,
    contrasting beauty from sorrow...

  • Run (2)

    by Saara

    I hear the Screaming
    the same old, nothing new...

  • Within Us All
    Preying upon bleeding tears...

  • I'm so sorry. (2)

    by Black Heart Still Beating

    I can't lose you,
    honest to God I just can't...

  • Have You Ever (4) 1

    by Cassandra

    Thanks To Muh New Friend <3
    Have you ever had long lasting moments...

  • Confession (3)

    by Ashley

    She has a mark on her neck,
    They say what you did is bad...

  • Fading Out. (2)

    by Hologram

    You're all alone, swollen up with hate.
    Fighting against what seems to be your fate...

  • Love of My Own

    by Evadelasmiley

    Love of My Own
    I see all these couples...

  • Fuckin love fuckin you (1)

    by Gaylon Joseph

    I want to feel more than my dick in that good...
    I want to feel your heart beat against my chest...

  • Always See Me Smile

    by Alexandra

    You've never seen me breakdown,
    You've never seen me cry...

  • Mommy's boyfriend

    by JustABurden

    Its that time of night
    that time we all fear...

  • Your choice is killing me (1)

    by I always end up killing myself in the end

    Trying to search my heart
    for answers I desperately need...

  • Light And Dark (3)

    by SiLeNtLy ScReAmInG

    I have this feeling inside,
    That floods through every vein...

  • Live (9)

    by Hallucinostic

    Keep your distance away from the razor.
    You don't really want to do this, I know...

  • My little kitten (2)

    by tears i cry

    When You Were Just a Kitten And I Was just a girl
    You came into my life and became my world...

  • I do everything in my power
    to stay clean...

  • What is Love? (1)

    by morgan

    What is Love?
    Something I will never feel Fully...

  • Through the distance

    by ♥*~»cutieladybug«~*♥

    I long for things of happier days,
    When life was simply you and me...

  • I've never thought that wishing came true till I...
    I'm glad you are mine , and that we can spend...

  • Torn (1)

    by DeadMemoriesInMyHead

    I made mistakes
    when I already knew you...

  • My heart seems so whole,
    with you standing next to me...

  • I Hate Her (3)

    by Loveless Dreamer

    I don't have to have a reason to hate that bitch...
    She'll sometimes be like the damn seasons and...

  • I remember the time wehn
    My eyes first fell on you...

  • Confession (1)

    by Jenn

    I remember the time when I first met you,
    I walked in the room, all eyes were on me...

  • Hanging (8)

    by mckenzie

    Alone and helpless
    Travelling down a long forgotton lane...

  • Lullaby (2)

    by hellodahhling

    I never thought it was possible
    To ever feel this way...

  • Screams of Silence (2)

    by The Girl From Yesterday

    Everything is perfect, or so it does seem.
    But when did the nightmares overtake the dreams...

  • What is a friend?
    I've asked myself this...

  • Silent Noise (4)

    by The Dark Poet

    The silence is deafening so i hear others say
    But i live in silence every single day...

  • Secret (2)

    by Tony

    You'll never know my little secret
    Because you're not someone who can keep it...

  • My Turn

    by hellodahhling

    Please, help me,
    save me right now...

  • I Stand (2)

    by hellodahhling

    I stand here
    With this feeling I'm forced to feel...

  • My Last Bet (13)

    by timmy

    I feel like the whole world's against me
    I'm just their reoccurring main enemy...

  • Hush Sister (3)

    by Mya

    Hush my sister, take care, close your eyes, and go...
    Soon you will wake...

  • Remember (3)

    by christina

    please remember...

  • Halloween with Twisted Trees (3)

    by RavingMoonDoll

    Dead leaves no longer on the trees, with a breeze...
    Halloween with twisted trees, its taken your...

  • Where did my heart go? (1)

    by Faithhope

    Where did my heart go?
    Across the waters edge...

  • Cold Dark Night (2)

    by Dying Beautifully

    Sleeping in bed,
    Your face in my head...

  • With every kiss (5)

    by Why am I fighting to live when Im just living to die

    Every time I saw your face;
    my broken heart would start to race...

  • Pass you by (2)

    by kandi windor

    Walls wide ceiling high
    Dark day and sleepless night...

  • Roses are Red
    Violets are Blue...

  • Who Am I ? (6)

    by Michael D Nalley

    Who am I ? He said I am what I am,
    Strong as a lion, gentle as a lamb...

  • Real Love (3)

    by jasmine

    Real love doesn't have to be fast, and it doesn't...
    Your heart determines what pace your relationship...

  • But a dream (18) 4

    by Mike Martin

    I see your face
    The wonder of it all...

  • Kill me. (7)

    by Xx Alone in my Quandary xX

    Is their any one who can kill me
    and curse me...

  • I hope your happy (8)

    by Always and Never

    So I hope youre happy now,
    Youve ruined my life once more...

  • You (3)

    by I am begining to think it is not worth loving you

    I used to draw hearts around your name
    now i just draw hearts...

  • A Sad Story (4)

    by Jason Partin

    Looking in your eyes,
    I see the color fade away...

  • Begging For Ease (5)

    by ChrisT

    When you see branches swaying
    Listen hard, because I'm praying...

  • Harry Potter....... (5)

    by Malini Nair

    UNblinking there he stood,
    With a smile i never really understood...

  • You're My Only Mistake (22)

    by IdTakeABulletForYou

    You Promised Forever;
    You gave me one week...

  • I love...

    by he calls me kate

    I love how we flirt
    i love how excited you get...

  • Harry Potter Magic. (4)

    by ScreamMeALoveSong

    Harry Potter is more than a book or a boy
    It's more than joy and hope...

  • Surprise!! (16)

    by Dan Bloom

    If only you could know
    how i really feel about you...

  • Where do I go from here* (11)

    by TRUTH hurts

    Lately we've been losing touch
    Remember how we'd talk so much...

  • Faking A Smile (12)

    by The Poet Behind The Poems

    I almost forgot what it was like to smile
    Because I havent done a real one in a while...

  • Secrets (1)

    by he calls me kate

    Secrets are kept behind closed doors I'm scared as...

  • Harry Potter Nerd (21)

    by kiesha

    I am a Harry Potter nerd.
    Yes, I confess, it's true...

  • When (43) 3

    by Bradley Peter

    When the glowing light leads you astray
    And the evil begins to feel good...

  • They'll Never Let Me Into Heaven (21)

    by Michael D Nalley

    They'll never let me into heaven, to them doesn't...
    Heard the man every word he said, you know, he may...

  • Death of a Poet (5)

    by Michael D Nalley

    A poet pondered alone in his bed
    Will they have time for me when I am dead...

  • Already dead... (197) 23

    by Rolo

    Lonely and hurt,
    Broken I remain...

  • Iced Tea (34) 10 WIN

    by Maple Tree

    This is not going to be elegant,
    nor polished, as sliver spoons...

  • Gone... (6)

    by Shades of Gray

    I scream.
    It's like you don't hear...