Favorite Poems of Dreamofolwin

  • Aww ( 9 syllables) (14) 12 WIN

    by Everlasting

    my baby
    splashes smiles...

  • Her Blue-Green Eyes: (1) 3 HM

    by Scott Cole

    She was born with them
    They're her gift from God...

  • Wherest Art Thou: (9) 4

    by Scott Cole

    Wherest art thou my love
    For I've looketh far and wide...

  • Just an ordinary day, a poem...

  • One For the Road (6)

    by Malboros pipe

    Inside an old & tattered dirty bar
    Misery slowly turning into desolation...

  • Relentless Soul (6) 3

    by Anthony M

    And tomorrow, should the Sun refuse to rise
    in the darkness my heart will find the path...

  • Height of Passion (4)

    by Jackie

    This passion and lust I can't control,
    My feelings of want just won't subside...

  • Take (2)

    by Carmelo

    Take this hand and fly with me
    As we head off into the sunset...

  • I have pictures of you.
    Here, and there, and everywhere...

  • My Guardian Angel (2)

    by Benny Boi

    For years you held me,
    Away from the fears...

  • I'll Stay (2)

    by Jennifer RIP Lesthat Hayden

    People drift, yeah friends go away,
    but I'm still here, you know I'll stay...

  • Her Sanctuary (4)

    by Mylah Malana

    Sitting on a brick bench near the bay
    Is a lovely but lonely girl with long black hair...

  • The love in my heart (6)

    by Nate the philosopher

    The love in my heart
    is the love i know best...

  • Eternal Bleeding Heart (2)

    by XxLastHopexX

    She likes him.
    He likes her...

  • Paper and pens (2)

    by thomas ayotte

    I lover the way your there for me
    just thought that you should know...

  • My heart is hers (9)

    by Nate the philosopher

    To live life
    is to love her...

  • Ours to Keep (8) 3

    by ibelievedhim

    I look at you with a smile on my face
    For finally you and I have a place...

  • Dream or Reality? (5)

    by She Loves Me She Loves Me Not

    I dreamt of the perfect one
    To love me when all hope is gone...

  • Well , i think ... (2)

    by lost and incomplete

    If time could stand still, I'd freeze it here.
    So you'd always hold me, close and near...

  • Love Letter (6) 3

    by ibelievedhim

    Dear boy,
    I'm finding the strength to start over brand new...

  • Poet's Rainbow (30) 10 WIN

    by TJ Arizona Eagle

    Poet's Rainbow
    What lies dominant in a poets mind till...

  • Life's a Love Poem (5)

    by Krista

    Optimism, filling my cup to the brim,
    standing on edge, ready to spill over...

  • With Love (7)

    by Sourav

    There's no love without you
    Nor for that I really do care...

  • Taste The Rainbow~Haiku (4)

    by Poet on the Piano

    Rich skittles collide,
    Constructing a wide spectrum...

  • When body meets soul (8)

    by DreamingOutLoud

    The mirror illusions the person it wants to...
    It conceals the self with shadows to escape the...

  • This Wretched Path (13) 4 WIN

    by NightFlyer

    Branches move and sadly sway
    Their farewell to this long day...

  • Nobody Will Ever Understand.. (6)

    by She Loves Me She Loves Me Not

    I look out the window, to see what I'm missing,
    Trapped inside these four walls.. I'm reminiscing...

  • Swept Away [[[Song]]] (11)

    by The Queen

    When the time comes, sun seems out of reach...

  • Tripping On Sunshine (4)

    by LitxUpxWithxLife

    Tripping on the sunshine that's been given to me
    Throwing it around for the whole world to see...

  • Today (18) 2

    by Cale

    Today you became my girlfriend.
    You the girl I have been trying to find...

  • Strawberry Champagne. (1)

    by Curing the Comon Cliche

    Strawberry champagne
    Crisp candle light...

  • Love And Passion (9)

    by Sourav

    I'm the carrier of your love
    Bearer of our dreams...

  • Childhood Forest Dreams (3)

    by NightFlyer

    Summer reigns in the depths of my heart
    As hope's budding seeds make their start...

  • An old friend (10)

    by Grant Gilbert AKA Slash

    An old friend
    Well I'll crack this brew and we'll have a chat...

  • Todays existing

    by Lynn Anderson

    The mist that falls from the trees,
    Continuing on this spring morning breeze...

  • Eyes Never Dry (13)

    by Faithless

    Sun shining morning
    eclipse by gloomy weather...

  • Rebirth (10) 2

    by Faithless

    Living in a delusional world
    Protest to live in reality...

  • An Impossible Find (12)

    by kelleyana

    Sitting aimlessly near the window panes
    Familiar thoughts run across my mind...

  • Preciosa (4) 1

    by Saul

    I close my eyes and it's your face I see.
    Those beautiful bright eyes smiling at me...

  • All Alone For Now (2)

    by Becky

    It happened at the age of sixteen,
    She was scared to look up at that screen...

  • My Shoe Box (3)

    by PinkyPrincess

    Today I gave you up,
    Put you far away...

  • Time (10) 2

    by PinkyPrincess

    I hate it...

  • When You Held My Hand (13)

    by PinkyPrincess

    I love the feeling of your gentle touch,
    The way your hand searches for mine...

  • The Stars (6) 2

    by Saul

    Tonight I stare up at the stars.
    The sky is clear without a single cloud...

  • Disaster (1)

    by ForsakenBeautyXx

    A pulling sensation on my heart,
    Leads me to disaster...

  • Not Worth it. (2)

    by Daniel

    Whenever I see you, I hide my face,
    So scared, so terrified...

  • Shadow (5) 3

    by Saul

    The Darkness in my soul is always there
    No concrete form invisible like air...

  • Can't get it out (1)

    by Gabriel Antonio White

    Crawling beneath my skin,
    Looks like the evils gonna win...

  • When i'm with her (1)

    by Gabriel Antonio White

    When I'm with her, she makes me feel new,
    no matter the trouble, we always make it through...

  • A fish that fights a reel (9)

    by East Poetry

    As I sit here in the solitude,
    and deal with how I feel...

  • Finding Yourself (8)

    by Love is a Beautiful Thing

    Here alone I stand,
    With no one by my side...

  • Look Into My eyes... (7)

    by TheRedWomanAndherBagofLife

    Look into my eyes
    Tell me what ya see...

  • Walking down the road of life
    People cross paths for a reason...

  • Rose Between The Cracks (4) 1

    by Countess of Monte Cristo

    People come and others go.
    Some betray you and some are true...

  • Love's Abductee (14) 5

    by Cara

    A peaceful stroll along the beach, feet sinking in...
    Waves meet the shoreline, as we cruise hand in...

  • No more sadness. (3) 1

    by BlueDreams

    No more be my words forlorn,
    I'm done, dispose of them for me...

  • Tired (13) 1

    by Matt

    I am tired of this life
    tired of being me...

  • Hi (10)

    by ben thompson

    Closing my eyes to sleep at night, only your face...
    Fantasies and dreams my reality when your here...

  • I'm Sorry (11)

    by Tsukuyomi

    I'm sorry
    for the times...

  • Her scars tell a story,
    The story of her life...

  • Linger (1)

    by Luke Hicks

    Know the pain I'm feeling is tearing me apart
    But I will always think kindly of you in my heart...

  • Only ten cents a box,
    take your time...

  • You Don't Need Wings to Fly (7) 3

    by Crystal Rose Blooming

    Satin sheets of the purest white
    Against naked skin sensual, delight...

  • A note to a friend (7)

    by keithnwv

    A Note To A Friend
    Just writing down my thoughts...

  • Engaging Body Language (16)

    by Cotton Candy Clouds

    Just one instigating look,
    a lock of passionate eyes...

  • My love All for you. (2) 1

    by BlueDreams

    Your image is implanted,
    In my mind, I am enchanted...

  • The Look (7)

    by Jaime

    I struggle with the way I feel
    Because I lack the text...

  • A hidden maze lies now before me
    Its entrance begins this great story...

  • Oh mind of mine how you became strong
    These memories in darkness they belong...

  • Darkness (11) 7 WIN

    by Blueleo

    On this chair, in darkness, it's all so clear.
    In control of emotions, thoughts and fear...

  • Wishing things were different
    Another place another time...

  • Worthless (13) 1

    by End Of Eternity

    Honey did you see me crying
    While I was listening with a smile...

  • Let The Wind Be My Friend. (10) 2 WIN

    by Steven Beesley

    Let the wind soothe me,
    sweep away all my mortal encumbrances...

  • Im missing you (3)

    by william

    Just now I find
    to my surprise...

  • Your the key to my heart (6) 3

    by Lynn Anderson

    The way you make me feel,
    Complete as the full moon shines...

  • Let me take your hand and a moment for a dance,
    You may not accept but this would be our chance...

  • Crystal Rose (32) 1

    by keithnwv

    Just a few days ago, I read a profile on here . It...
    Our time on earth is so short...

  • Missing Moments (22)

    by Lonely Rider

    Missing Moments
    Raindrops dancing on windscreen...

  • The crossroads (2)

    by Brennan P

    At the crossroads again I stand
    With not a map or compass in hand...

  • The mountain (7)

    by keithnwv

    I've came upon a mountain
    on which I'm trying to climb...

  • Broken Hearts don't mend (22) 3

    by Lonely Rider

    Broken Hearts don't mend
    Little heart tucked up at left...

  • Peaceful Trance (18) 1 WIN

    by Blueleo

    Let the lights dim in the distance.
    Free your mind from existence...

  • How can we slow down this addiction?
    This addiction for perfection...

  • On this hot summer day
    The trees swing and sway...

  • State Of Mind (2)

    by Blueleo

    We relate best through pain.
    What binds us is what drives us insane...

  • A Room With A View (12) 2

    by Rachel RTVW

    From my room with a view I see
    Sapphire waves of coming tide...

  • Forsaken (7)

    by LitxUpxWithxLife

    A tingling sensation rolls off my spine.
    Knowing that you no longer will be mine...

  • No artist am i (11) 1

    by Grant Gilbert AKA Slash

    No artist am I
    I am no painter so no paintings to do...

  • What i need. 1

    by Andrew

    Hold me close make me blow,
    Kiss me slow make me glow...

  • Believe (1)

    by shy girl

    I see the light at the end of the tunnel
    So I wont give up just yet...

  • Wanting To Feel Like I Belong (2)

    by Beautiful Chaos

    Sitting on the outside,
    Always looking in...

  • What I Am (13)

    by xxKelsey

    Broken and cold,
    My heart...

  • Butterfly trapped by depression (11)

    by Trying to hold on

    A butterfly trapped
    In a cold prison cage...

  • It's what you do to me (1)

    by Luke Hicks

    During your life, every once in a while
    You meet special people that make your heart smile...

  • Learning Lessons

    by Beautiful Chaos

    I have learned that life,
    Is never what it seems...

  • Said I'll forget you but I lied
    This is really what I feel inside...

  • Sitting at the dinner table, they ask you about...
    You start complaining on and on how nothing goes...

  • I am a Christian (7) 2

    by Lemon Square Bear23

    'A woman's heart should be so hidden in Christ
    that a man should have to seek Him first to find...

  • Insane (6)

    by Saul

    The thoughts, the anger the constant Pain
    Are too much to handle, i'm going insane...

  • Price of love (1)

    by jamie f

    This penny I'll place in your hand
    A token of disgust...

  • Pain [Etheree] (3)

    by Nina Star


  • Say the Right Words (3)

    by chrissy

    Say the right words
    to make me smile...

  • Who am i (1)

    by Daniel

    Who am I really,
    Have I ever really known...

  • If I Had Just One Wish (1)

    by Dreaming With A Broken Heart

    If only I saw a shooting star.
    I would wish I could live up to who you are...

  • A little boy (5)

    by Tracy D Rollings

    In a world of misery and twisted lies
    head in his lap as he begins to cry...

  • You opened my eyes (1)

    by Jackie

    I was always alone
    because I wanted a career...

  • Ecstasy (1)

    by Summer

    You gave me love I didnt deserve
    you showed me what I couldnt see...

  • The Apple War (4)

    by Andrew

    Oh you dirty nettle bastards,
    Standing there oh so proud...

  • My horse and i (1)

    by Sab

    I can feel your softness on your skin
    while i'm holding your lovely long mane...

  • My Unborn Child (4)

    by lisa

    I know your only small
    The size of a rosy red plum...

  • Nobody's Child (104) 3 WIN

    by debbylyn

    Nobody's child cries alone in the dark
    Soured milk mixed in her tears leave a mark...

  • Apr 11 2007 7:55P
    It's very hard to find...

  • My First Day of School
    How could I forget...

  • Broken (55) 1

    by Rachel RTVW

    Broken hearts, love's deceit,
    pieces fall down to my feet...

  • Rain of tears (1)

    by Endura Blue

    Why do I sit here,
    Days on end...

  • I stand alone (7)

    by Juan

    I stand alone,
    with no one by...

  • My Lord (4)

    by Larry

    I stay busy, but I sometimes get bored.
    That is when I pray for strength from my Lord...

  • Shafts of Light (8)

    by Wintersolstice

    Life is dark
    A cloudy sky...

  • The walls of depression (93) 6

    by ..::Angel of your darkness::..

    You built these walls around you
    To try to encage yourself...

  • They'll Never Let Me Into Heaven (21)

    by Michael D Nalley

    They'll never let me into heaven, to them doesn't...
    Heard the man every word he said, you know, he may...

  • Some Day (6)

    by keithnwv

    Sitting, staring, unbelief
    My heart is heavy, full of grief...